State Team Time Trial – 20th October

State Team Time Trial – 20th October

Where:            Pinjarra
When:              Sunday 20th October

Teams of 3 for women, and 4 for men, racing against the clock to achieve the fastest time.  The time for each team is that of the second to last rider to cross the finish line.  The race is held in Pinjarra on a flat and fast out-and-back course.  Distances are between 30 and 50km depending on grade.

  • Grades:
    • Women            – 30km
    • Masters <50    – 40km
    • Masters 50+    – 30km
    • Elite/U19 Men – 50km
  • Cost:
    • Juniors – $25
    • Seniors – $38

Don’t let a lack of equipment stop you from joining in, previous year’s we’ve had a full spectrum of riders & gear …some on full TT setup’s with disc wheels, whilst others had their standard road bikes, some with clip on aero bars.This is a good opportunity for those participating in the Tour of Margaret River to ride together and perfect your TTT skills for Stage 1.

Everyone can participate, its a nice way to compete, but only against the clock and you get to do it with a couple of your SPR mates.

Links; flyer for further details and to registration

Please comment with your name, grade and an idication of your pace, Main 1, 2, 3 etc below by 9 October if you’re interesting in participating and we’ll put teams together.

Pics and Video by Toby from last year

Race Committee

Masters 1
Gary Boylan
Jim Flynn
Stuart Gee
Mark Schnieder

Women’s 1
Amanda Nabi
Anna Schwartz

29 thoughts on “State Team Time Trial – 20th October”

  1. I’ll give it a crack!
    Would be good to ride with my TOMR team mates
    On TT Machine
    Pretty sure I have a spare set of aero clip ons

  2. Nigel Nosering
    Main 1 pace ??
    Happy to burn matches for a main 2 or 3 team.
    Racing Sorrento Challenge Tri the day before so won’t be a full pace for a main 1 team.
    TT rig ready to roll.

  3. As usual us girls are one step ahead of you blokes. Anna S, Kizzi and I are teaming up…good job the boys are racing separate from the girls :-). Great event get on board folks!

  4. Andrew Ballam
    I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain…
    Fastish but also old…
    Have a TT bike and a skin suit too (but not sure if the world is ready for that yet…)

  5. Riding in TOMR, so keen to give it a go.

    Dan Bain
    Fast / Main 1
    Road Bike (may use clip ons, depending on how wobbly I am on trial runs)

    1. I had already started forming a 50+ team before this blog item, and although I have 4 potential starters not all have yet confirmed their enthusiasm to participate, so stay tuned. I am sure we will get a 50+ team one way or another!

  6. in.
    have a TT bike, skin suit, and sperm helmet.
    fast, but not the fast fast, more like the fast dropped group.
    (i.e not with Tom)

  7. I am in too with my ToMR mates ( for Masters I assume)! M1pace…. just on the roadie, but might look at getting some clip-ons.

    (I still got 2 years before I can get a start in the 50+ Cat…. but then looking at our SPR 50+ team probably a good job as they all are super strong)

  8. I just arrived in Perth (w/ TT ready to roll)…. wanted to see if anyone needed a teammate for the TTT…. not sure of the classifications here yet (in the comments above… M1 or M2, etc..)… so my 16k TT speed is 42-43 kph…am 41 yrs old… let me know…

    1. Results are up here…

      Congratulations to our SPR Masters 1 team who took out the silver medal in the Masters 50+ category and SPR Masters 2 who took out the bronze in the Masters <50 category.

      A real shame for our women's team who were clearly in the gold medal position (they had nearly caught their two-minute team who were the eventual winners!) when they crashed out just after the 15km mark. Next year girls!!

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