state road champs – volunteers needed.

slo-mo camera, please
slo-mo camera, please

the state road championships are on next weekend and are being run by both rccc and spr.  as such we will need a few volunteers to ensure that the day runs smooth.  i intend to be racing on the day, so we will need people to step up and take on some responsibility.  daniel, the president of rccc, will be race director on the day, but he will be roving around checking on things.  hopefully we will have people racing in all divisions and as the shorter races finish, they can then help out at the finishline.

so, bill darby has volunteered to take the tents, etc to the event and to drive a support car on the day.  we need people for the following positions –

3 finishline judges – there will be electronic timing but we will need to still get the top ten positions.  we will also have the gopro slo-mo camera, but someone will need to operate it.  other tasks include lap counting (as the lead car goes by), and marking off dropped riders so they don’t get positions.  we will also be selling refreshments on the day. [volunteers so far – Iain, Shirley, Michelle, Anke, Craig, Gareth]

5 lead cars – DOME are supplying 3 cars and drivers, but we still need 2 more.  if you have a branded car that you want to give some airplay, then let me know. [volunteers so far – DOME Troy, DOME Judd, DOME Travis, Concept Music Graham, ???]

5 spares cars – usually a ute or station wagon we can put wheels in.  drive behind the group and help people with mechanicals.  [volunteers so far – bill darby a grade, rccc masters, nathan b grade, heiko/suzie c grade, ??? women]

registration will be at a separate location to the finishline, but rccc will be manning that with help from cathi dixon.

so, please help out if you can.  this is the first time we are running this event as no other club wanted to do it this year.  we have a huge membership base, so we should be able to provide a few volunteers to ensure the day runs well.

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  1. Yep all good Pete – just confirming I am still keen to help out all day whatever needs to be done (starting with tents etc early on, A Grade Support and whatever). Cheers. BD

  2. I will be back from Europe and holidays by then. I will come help out where needed. Can’t wait to get back on the bike its been two months now. Hope I still fit my kit

  3. Hi Pete

    I’ve been riding with the club for a while, but have not provided any assitance previously. I have signed up for C grade, but am happy to help either before or after. I can do whatever, i don’t really know what needs to be done or what’s involved. my email is

  4. I am available to help out, will ride to and from the event so can do anything that doesnt need a vehicle. Will anyone else be riding up there, and what time do we need to be there?

      1. A few of us volunteers will be meeting at the narrows (CBD side), and departing at 05:45 prompt to ride to the event. We should arrive before 07:00. Any other volunteers or indeed racers who fancy getting up there a bit early are welcome to join.

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