The Smash Fest! – Summer Criterium Series

The Crit Season is already under way and the annual RCCC/SPR summer series is just around the corner.  This year things are a bit different though, so the All-powerful Race Sub-committee has had to stir from its post-Margaret River slumber to get things moving.

Crit Flyer Team Series

This year A & B grades will be raced as a team competition.  Teams need to be nominated prior to Race 1 (Dec. 15th) so we only have 2 weeks to get organised.  If you are wanting to race for SPR in A or B grade this summer at the Tech Park Crits then stick your name in the comments below.  The RCS will then do its thing and try to accommodate those that want to race and can commit to a team.  Race dates are December 15th and 22nd, and January 5th and 12th…

You may still be able to race as an individual but it will depend on the availability of places on the day…

We’ll post up later about C, D and E grade, but they are unchanged and racing will still be a week by week proposition on an individual basis.

I’m sure there will also be a separate post about the women’s racing as Hall Cycle Training are sponsoring a program specifically for B and C grade women, with the aim of getting more girls racing…

Womens Crit Flyer

18 thoughts on “The Smash Fest! – Summer Criterium Series”

  1. I’d love to step up to do B grade, but due to work, I can only do races 1 and 4. What’s the go when this is the case? Otherwise I’d have to sandbag and do C.

    1. I’ve registered as an individual. I thought it would be better this way due to my availability and the fact that I wear my PMBC kit 😛

  2. I’m keen for B grade, but due to travel can only really do Jan 12th. If this doesn’t preclude me, count me in. I could also do the 5th but given its the day after I get back from holiday maybe E grade might be a good fit….

  3. Put me down for A Grade.
    I do hope others join me, as Socrates once inferred, (and I’ve no doubt subsequently mis-quoted) the unexamined life is not worth living.

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