spr & rccc criterium series – race 01 volunteers

the first race of our joint criterium series starts this sunday at technology park.  there are 4 races in the series (2 in december and 2 in january).  it aims to cater for a wide range of riders and has grades a-e including stand alone women’s a-c.  juniors are welcome to ride in d or e grade.

as an organising club, we need to provide some volunteers for this event.  unlike previous years, we have traffic management paid for this year, so we do not need to provide any people for that.

what we do need to provide, is 3 finishline judges, 1 tuck shop operator and 1 bbq person (part-time).

these jobs can be on a shift basis (i.e. you are helping before or/and after your race), or you can be available all day.

setup is at 7:00am and pack up should be around 11:45am.  if you are not coming along to race, then come along to help out.  the club will appreciate it.

put your name in the comments below if you are available to volunteer and let us know how long for.

time line judges tuck shop bbq cook
setup/e grade 7:00  chris  –
d grade 7:50  chris  –
c grade 8:15  chris
b/c women 8:50
b grade 9:25 heiko bonner
a women 10:00 heiko bonner  rccc
a men 10:35 heiko bonner  rccc


12 thoughts on “spr & rccc criterium series – race 01 volunteers”

  1. Line judge after 9:00 please. Planning to do an early hills ride @ 6:00 to be back by 9:00 – and avoid the heat – if any non-critters would like to join me.

  2. 1.) is it too late to sign up.
    2.) whats the profile like, pretty flat id imagine if it’s a crit and under an hour? :/ (i wouldnt be very competitive in a flat, short, hard race. Or is being competitive not the point?)

  3. I will do set up and d grade for line judge. If I am not racing C, which is very likely (that I won’t race), I will happily line judge for that also.

  4. Big thanks to all the volunteers from both SPCC and RCCC for their efforts on Sunday, in what were really quite uncomfortable conditions.

    Cheers guys and gals.

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