ride routes 4th & 5th january

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coffee culture

act. belong. commit.  a simple slogan that the wa gov use to try to get people to join clubs be it sporting or otherwise.  it seems a bit corny but i have had people come up to me and say that even though they rode with the club (act) and had become a member (commit), they didn’t really feel like they were part of the club until they got the uniform (belong).  it is, however, a two-way street.  being part of a club means that you also have a responsibility to that club.  as you are riding around in the kit, you are representing the club and your actions can be perceived as how the rest of the club behave.  and i am not just talking about negative behaviour.  i had a comment on facebook the other week about how one of our groups on saturday was noticed splitting at the lights (actually stopping) and how the front half of the group pulled over to wait.  unfortunately, this is not common behaviour in cycle groups but it was noticed by a member of another club that happened to be driving passed.  what side of cycling is your behaviour showing the public???

memberships – on the 31st dec 2013 we hit a maximum of 430 club members.  the next day i checked and we had lost 184 down to 244.  there are basically 2 types of memberships, recreational and racing.  the rec licences are on a rolling 3 monthly year and expire depending on which quarter you bought it in.  race licences, however, expire at the end of the calendar year.  don’t forget to renew your licence so you can belong to the club.  and you kind of need it if you want to race.  check your licence card for your expiry date.  more info on memberships can be found here.

ride leaders – it is in the clubs best interest to develop new riders so that they ride in a safe manner.  put your name down here to ensure the club grows to its potential.  being the holidays, some of the regulars may be away, here is a chance for you to have a go at leading a group.  the club needs you even more to represent it in ensuring the ride etiquette is followed.

bike skills course – check out the previous post about the bike skills course being held in feb.  also checkout the testimonials in the comments of that post for some great feedback.

smashfest race 03 – more racing again this sunday with race 03 of the 4 race series.  add your name to the comments on the previous post if you can help out on the day.

ride routes – on sunday there will be no earlybird ride, but the main ride will leave at 6:00am.  this allows the groups to get out and back to help out with the criterium when they get return.

saturday 4th january

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

early lap – earlybird 40.93km spr special

all rides start at coode st carpark at 7:00am

development group – novice shelley 36.06km spr saturday

transitional – trans reverse river 40.58km spr saturday

 fast & main groups – holmes rd 50.42km spr saturday

sunday 5th january

all rides start at coode st carpark at 6:00am

short – brktn weir 82.89km spr sunday

long – f’berg urch obs 96.16km spr sunday

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  1. And I’ve put my hand up to lead Main 2 tomorrow. I’ll have a look at the route and try not to take everyone off course like I did last time

    1. Hi Alistair, I am available to assist with Main 2 should you need any help? I am very familiar with 90% of the route should hopefully be able to remember the rest.


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