Goldfields Cyclassic – Expressions of Interest

Okay, so I know that the dust hasn’t even settled yet on last weekend’s cycling extravaganza but we need to start thinking about the Goldfields Cyclassic.  The event is only about 10 weeks away and because of the nature of the trip we have a reasonable amount of logistical stuff to do.  We need to get a good idea of the number of people who are wanting to go…

For those unfamiliar with the event have a look at the website here, or look back at some of the write-ups from last year’s trip on the blog;

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Kal 3

Photos shameless taken from Travis Kean's Facebook page without either his knowledge or permission! :-)
Photos shameless taken from Travis Kean’s Facebook page without either his knowledge or permission! 🙂

Pretty much everyone who went last year had a blast…and we’ll have another big group going this year!

Last year’s trip went really well so we’ll closely replicate that, but we’ll stay the Sunday night in Kal this year.  The rough plan is that we will travel up to Kalgoorlie by mini-bus on the Friday, base ourselves at the Goldfields Camp School, race/ride on the Saturday and Sunday, and return to Perth on the Monday (which is a public holiday).  The cost per person is likely to be in the region of  $175 for the bus hire and accommodation (3 nights) but we’ll have a better idea when we know numbers.

We just need an indication of interest at this point in time so either leave a comment below, or if you’d like to ask us a question send us an email to  We’ll also need a few ‘non-riders’ to provide support, so if you have a significant other who’d like to come too let us know.

42 thoughts on “Goldfields Cyclassic – Expressions of Interest”

  1. Right Andrew, I’m interested. Negotiations are ongoing regarding Sandra & the 3 boys coming along, in which case I won’t be on the bus. If Sandra & the kids come then we’ll drive. No chance of Sandra plus boys following the race! I may yet get the boys into bike racing, though their soccer may scupper plans on this occasion…

  2. Oh yeah I’ve been encouraging my friends to go to this event. I had the best time last yr. Supporting a great club and my friends .
    I’m happy to help out again. Bus driving, massage, handing out food , bottles and smiles… Just supporting a great group of people.
    So yes please, one that’s me. 🙂

  3. Hi very interested but currently out of country till the 18 th, please note that I have been enjoying the fine American food for the last 6 weeks and my shirts are getting quite tight nearly popping the buttons off

  4. 2 questions: Is everyone just registering as individuals or does SPR have some Teams? And also, do you all normally book for the dinner on Saturday night? Gimme the low down! 🙂

    1. Just register as an individual Gra…if you are racing, that is.


      We haven’t got as far as booking dinner on the Saturday night, but that might be a good idea when we have got firm numbers. You can be social director for the trip, okay? 🙂

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