Ladies Group Skills – Saturday, 7th June

IMG_2441The idea behind this session is to equip ladies who are new to group riding or who are already group riding, but are lacking in confidence, with skills and experience.

As well as basic group riding skills, we will discuss things like deciding on which foot to click out, hydration & nutrition pre, during & post rides, where to sit in a group to avoid being dropped, know when to bridge a gap to avoid being dropped on a group ride, holding a line and lots of lady things.

We will also talk about other training you can do to minimise discomfort during their initial group riding experiences. Such as core strength, fitness, muscle endurance . As well as patience with moving up the groups.

The ladies will be separated into ‘new to group riding’ and ‘members currently group riding’. They will be assigned to each other as bike buddies. This will ensure that the ‘newbies’ know existing members and feel inclined to return to a group ride.


Saturday, 7th June 2014

Coode Street Jetty Car Park

7am (duration approximately; 1.5hrs)

Cost – FREE

To register interest please email Leigh here.

Session Venues

Drills – The next car park along from Coode street Jetty heading towards the Causeway next to the wheelchair playground.

Roll throughs and single/pairing formations – Douglas Avenue

Low traffic conditions – Coode Street, Albert, Rose Avenue, Garden Street loop.

Coaches & Volunteers

Leigh Outschoorn, Carol Dowse, Anke Bergmann


7 thoughts on “Ladies Group Skills – Saturday, 7th June”

  1. Thank you to Michelle Bonner and Rosslind Ellis for volunteering for our ladies group skills session! Ladies, you are a valuable addition to the team. 🙂

    1. Wonderful news Roz! Thank you for being so pro active. 🙂
      Yes, of course hyrbrid bikes are ok. We all started somewhere and if you are comfortable on your bike you will enjoy the session and learn the skills.

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