ride leader sponsorship


Voucher Proof

Recently the South Perth Cycle Club committee sat down to discuss how best we can deal with requests from companies wanting to promote their services to the club and just how the club in general can benefit.

One of our biggest strengths as a club is the organised group rides that we offer, especially the Saturday morning rides.
We get close to 150 people attending and break into about 8-9 groups based on skill & fitness.
The faster more experienced groups are self managed, but the less experienced ones will have a club volunteer or two assigned as a ride leader.
Getting people to volunteer isn’t easy even in a club the size of ours and so we decided to look at a way to reward those that regularly volunteer and to encourage others to do the same.
As most people head to the coffee shop after the ride, we have decided to give ride leaders a $10 voucher at Dome Westralia Plaza for their service.

What we are offering interested companies is, for a set price over a month you get the following –

  • a blog post on our website outlining what services you provide.
  • a month’s worth of weekly references back to that post on our ride route email drop.
  • a month’s worth of reference to your company on the weekly email when we are calling for ride leaders (i.e. this month’s ride leaders sponsored by …)
  • your company name and website address stamped on the back of our coffee vouchers that are used for that month.
  • publishing a banner on our website for the month, under the title “this month’s ride leaders sponsored by” with links back to your website,

It is hoped that it will provide companies an opportunity to get exposure to our member base plus provide incentive for leaders to volunteer to keep our rides organised and safe.

From an exposure point of view we have close to 400 members and over 1000 likes on facebook.
Our weekly ride routes are automatically emailed out to our members plus linked to the facebook site where they regularly get 800-1000 page views.

If you run a company that would like to promote to our members and would like to assist in keeping our rides safe and organised, send the club an email and we can discuss the opportunities.
Please forward this onto anyone that you think may be interested.