Introducing the SPR Bike Buddy Program

 untitledIt’s for every club member!

We have many talented members within SPR.  We also have many aspiring cyclists keen to explore their talent. The Buddy Program aims to bring the two groups together and encourage much more than just sharing a ride or cycling tips. It’s in our culture to look out for each other, so why not also share our vast experience amongst our club members while building friendships across the riding groups?

You don’t have to be an expert, you just need a little experience to help someone. Our main groups are rich in variety and experience just waiting to be tapped into. Each main group rider has the capacity to assist members in the slower groups progressing through.

To kick start this program we are calling for riders who would like become a mentor. Shortly after, we will call out for mentees wishing to register. When this process is complete we will pair the two together based on the preferences you choose. We will do our best to meet your preferences.

This program rotates every 3 months. The first roll out will be 28th June. The next rotation will commence at the end of September.

Expectations of a Group Bike Buddy Mentor

The expectation of the bike buddy ‘mentor’ is to take an SPR Saturday or Sunday group ride with your buddy at least 3 times in a 3 month period. Offer advice and guidance on areas of mutual interest (technique, training or group craft), introductions to other group members, is also very inclusive.

Expectations of a Group Bike Buddy Mentee

The expectation of the bike buddy ‘Mentee’ is to respect and try what your buddy suggests and reward their time with a coffee at the Dome after the group ride. Dome’s banana bread would be welcome too! Yum! Don’t be afraid to ask those silly questions!


We will facilitate a ‘buddy meet’ prior to the group ride on Saturday 28th June. If you wanted to help someone specific you would have done so by now, so the fun is in the unknown, so register today!

We love feedback and welcome any from your experiences while on this program.

Mentor’s only at this stage please.

If you wish to register as a Mentor for this program, please do so here;

Add your name

Your current riding group

Your preferred prospective buddy’s group

We will match according to gender where possible, but if you don’t mind then state that too.

Any other details you feel you want to add.


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