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name your bike
name your bike

sometimes you just have to remember how much fun it is to ride your bike.  when it is the middle of winter and you are still training for races, it can be hard to motivate yourself to get out and ride. that is where the social aspect of our club comes into it.  not the social dinners but just the act of riding in a group with other like minded people.  you are all suffering through the same cold stretch of road and this combined suffering makes the social coffee at the end even better.  i am struggling at the moment, but i hope to be out on colonel winning dragon even on these cold mornings.  see you there.

ride leaders – support the club and help us become ambassadors for the sport in the public eye. put your name down as ride leader to ensure that the group ride is safe and organised. sign up here.

ride leaders sponsorship – if you have a business that you want to promote to our members, check out the previous post to both promote your business and help out the club.

spr ride buddy program – another initiative to help develop our fledgling riders.  all it takes is 1 ride a month in the lower groups and you can make a big difference.  see the previous post and contact leigh for more info.

swan valley cyclo-sportif – sunday 29th june.  each year we target this event as a great way of getting people interested in the more serious side of cycling (without actually committing to a race).  it is also a great way to promote spr out to the cycling world as we usually dominate when it comes to number of teams present.  you may have seen on the previous post that we are looking for expressions of interest for team leaders.  this is for all levels of riders so we are hoping to get a fast group as well as all the mains and trannies represented.  multiple times if necessary.  we will also have a tent at the event so there is somewhere that you can leave your stuff while you ride.  get together with some of the people that you like to ride with and put your name down on the blog.

ride routes – looking forward to a couple of nice brisk mornings to kick off the weekend.  make sure you dress appropriately but at least it will be dry.

saturday 14th june

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

early lap – earlybird 40.93km spr special

all rides start at coode st carpark at 7:00am

development group – novice shelley 36.06km spr saturday

transitional – trans canning vale 42.34km spr saturday

fast & main groups – hale & ridgehill 50.58km spr saturday

sunday 15th june

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

early lap – earlybird 40.93km spr special

all rides start at coode st carpark at 7:00am

tranny – flat route usually around the river.

short – khna weir 72.23km spr sunday

long – carr peet obs 97.72km spr sunday

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