Swan Valley Cyclo – Pastries & Info Pak

Swan Valley Cyclo Info Pak 2014 ALL RIDERS

NOTE: SPR are providing pastries for all members before the start of the ride and there will be an official SPR photo taken of the group before the start of the event at the Velodrome.

Please note that VenuesWest has introduced a $5 parking fee which will be payable in cash on arrival if you chose to park within the SpeedDome car park.

Cyclo Sportif Swan Valley 29 June Sunday – list updated 21 June 












SPR Chocolate Canard

SPRing Chickens

Femme Fatale

SPR Good Old Boys*

Didyabring abeer

SPR Pedaleurs

SPR Main 23

SPR Main 3/4

SPR Chasers






















Fast /Main

Fast /Main

Fast /Main

Main 1.5

Main 2

Main 2/3

Main 3/4




Jordan B

Niv G

Anna S

Graham H

Travis K

Peter L

Leigh O

Shane W

Carol D


Alistair D


Anna M

Davie G

Mark L

Tony B

Sam F

Jane M

Vicky B


Dan B

Steph W

Amanda N

Andrew W

Cameron D

Martin S

Tanya N

Lesley B

Susanne B


Craig J

Dean R

Anke H

Paul B

Jason G

Vince Y


Belinda E

Graham R
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Julian J

Shane G

Megs T

Mark T

John P

Ben K

Steph L

Chris T

Tania B


Ben O

Megan B

Andrew W

Lom P

Keith K

Kath D

Meegan F

 Rebecca K


Stuart I


Emma G

Liam W

Greg M

Andrew S?

Judy G

 Andrew S

Andrew WP?


Mike B


Alison R


Wayne A


Sarah S


 Mrs PG



Lorna H 

Jay R

Tony D

John K 

Janice G













Green for registered  Its great fun, especially for a first competitive event.. its not a race!  right! cheers SPR Social Club

120 thoughts on “Swan Valley Cyclo – Pastries & Info Pak”

  1. I’ll be riding again this year but will give the lead a miss. I’ve lead the last two years and both have resulted in crashes within our group. Maybe its me?

      1. Crack away Liam! Welcome aboard. 🙂 We’ll look after you… you can generally add a few km/h to a normal ride as there’s no traffic lights or stop signs. It will be a good spin.

    1. Room for one more… Nicky has decided that discretion is the better part of valour (sensible decision mate!). Any more “Good Old Boys” out there want to join us?

        1. I’d be wrapped to to have the big strong Swiss Marshmellow dragging us around… Team G is full but if someone drops out I’ll let you know mate – if not, I’m sure someone else would love to have your engine on their team.

          1. …..here I was thinking I might struggle a little. Now we can just settle in behind Mike for the whole 80km at 42km/h. Welcome aboard Mike 🙂

  2. Pop us down for a ladies Main 3/2 – 80kms – av/sp 28-29kms/hr. Only 4 more lovely ladies needed for this team! Thanks for being organised Carol 🙂

    1. Hi Leigh, I’d love to give it a try – usually ride main 1 but I’ve never tried a cyclo event before so I’m happy to just ride and learn if that is ok!

      1. Awesome Tanya! Main 1 ay? Well, I know who will be towing butt around the course! 🙂 Welcome to team M23! Find me; (leigh outschoorn) on Facebook, we have a team conversation going and I will add you to it 🙂

      1. Lovely Francine! Would love to have you on Team M23! We are doing a training run up at KP behind Frasers Restaurant on Sunday afternoon at 2pm if you would like to come along. If you are on facebook, look us up & you can talk to the other team members 🙂

        Francine, you are number 8… we have room for 1 more !

        1. Hi, Can I be your one more? I’ve never done a Cyclo event either and would like to do it in the comfort of a big group of ladies. I ride Main 2 (but get dropped regularly).

          1. We would love to have you Steph. Lucky number 9! There, we have our team! I have registered our team. Hope you can make it on Sunday afternoon 🙂

  3. I’m keen. I usually ride M2 and am comfortable with the pace. However on this occasion I don’t know where I would sit. Any team wants me? 😛

  4. Happy to join and / or be team leader. Main 2 pace, not fussed which distance. It was a great event last year except for the crashes……

      1. Ok Cameron and Jason, team Name Didyabringabeer? Any other suggestions?
        Also what distance do you guys want to do? They have put 80kms up the top, is that ok?
        No reply and I will sign up for the 80kms as Didyabringabeer at the end of this week, assuming we get another teammate.

  5. Hi Carol, I would be interested to get together a 64km, Main 3/4 team, if there isn’t an organiser already at hand. Regards, Jane

        1. Hi Carol,
          Contrary to previous message, I’m happy to go either team if both doing the 62km. I will proceed on confirmed distances. Thanks Jane

  6. Hey Carol
    Interested in joining a M4/trans speed team that doesn’t mind someone who has never done anything like this before – 64km – Cheers Chris

    1. Hey Chris

      I would like to join you as we tend to be riding buddies anyway. See you Saturday and we can discuss more 🙂

    2. Hi Cris and Meegan, feel free to join us in Shane’s team. I haven’t done anything like this either but in Shane’s care I’m sure we will do just fine 🙂

        1. Hi I was speaking with Vicky and she offered for me to borrow a jersey from her. I didn’t see here last Saturday but I will be at coode st on sat or met her before hand on sun. Or is there any othwr way for me to borrow kit? Mine is on its way inaugust . Cheers

  7. Guys,

    There is a gap (pace wise) among teams above that we can probably fill it in. What about 37/39 (M1 to fast), I reckon many are in this space that were a bit hesitant to join the Fast/M1 @ 38/40 like myself. Any one’s keen to form a team (the guys who normally ride with the first batch of M1 and stay on to the end)? I did this one last year at avg 37 and didn’t want to do it this year but now I can feel the itch 😛 Just threw the idea doesn’t mean I want to lead the team:)


      1. It’s ideal to have a full team (9 member) for this pace, with 5-6 it will be shattering (no recovery time) let’s see how many are keen, hopefully we can form a team in time.

      1. Great Jay, talked this morning with few more guys and some of them are keen, spread the message mate hopefully we can form a team in time:)

  8. Hello Carol. Never put up a blog before, so not quite sure if I am doing the right thing.
    I am happy to be a team leader for a group. Peter L 80km Main2/3 (30+ kph). Name PeterandVince. Already have 2 other guys willing to ride with me.

    If there are enough team leaders that’s ok, just let me know.
    Apologies in advance if this is the wrong way of going about things
    Peter Lander

    1. I’m in too. Team name should be something witty, and deceiving to others that we’ll be Giro – quality when we get out there.

    2. Hi Peter- I’d like to join you and I believe John Kitching and Andrew Stanbury are also keen to gate crash your team (SPR Pedaleurs).
      I’ll sign up on the BWA site today.

      Martin Schmidt

    1. Hi Ben
      Happy to have you in our team if interested. 80km, 30km+ Peter, Tony and Vincenzo. Working on a witty team name.

  9. Room for one more on Team Graham… Nicky has decided that discretion is the better part of valour (sensible decision mate!). Any more “Good Old Boys” out there want to join us? 🙂

      1. Excellent… welcome aboard Jay! Here’s the list for The SPR Good Old Boys (AKA The Rawhides!)

        Andrew W
        Mark T

        “Move ’em on, head ’em up. Keep those doggies Rollin!” 🙂

  10. Hi All, we have a few spots for interested folk who would like to do 64km at a Main 3 pace. Look for Shane’s team when you register 🙂

  11. Some update for team 2 (niv @ 37)
    team name: SPRing chickens
    Target pace:37-39
    Members so far: Nirvan, Stephen W, Jay R, Dean R, Warwick

    Cheers, Niv

    1. Jay R joined Graham’s team, this means one more vacant position in SPRing Chickens.
      Team’s officially registered now:)

    2. Niv – if you haven’t got a rider yet – I am happy to take the spot.
      I have done the ride a few times in the past and will fit in with the team orders..

      1. Thanks Shane, you’re more than welcome:) as we speak we’re apparently 4 (3 registered and 1 not yet) I bet your experience will be beneficial to everybody on the team:)
        just in case we want to push it a bit further say 38avg are you comfortable?
        Look for SPRing Chickens in BWA:)

  12. Hi Andrew and Leonas. You are down as team members of SPR Pedaleurs. Great!
    I noticed, however that you have not registered on the BWA website. Hope that you are still interested in riding the event with us. Also we are planning a training run this Sunday. Let me know if you are interested.
    Peter L

  13. Hi All – just a heads up that BWA are saying VenuesWest has introduced a $5 parking fee payable in cash on arrival for those who wish to park within the speedDome car park on Sunday, so come prepared.

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