The Cristal Dardanup Tour

20130908_141839our sister club down in bunbury is hosting the dardanup tour next weekend and it is a great chance to get some pre-tour of margs team training in.

the race consists of 2 stages; a graded road race of 39kms followed by a team time trial over the same course.  the distances are not long and are similar to some of the stages of tomr.

if you are in a tour team, then you should be getting hold of your fellow teammates and entering as soon as possible.  registration closes this tuesday and there is already a large field entered.  it is a great day out and it is good to support the jaffa club down south.

more info can be found here.

registration can be found here.

if you are heading down, let us know via the comments so we can organise a tent, etc.

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