Cyclo Sportif – Swan Valley : Team leader – expression of Interest

One of the most attended events of the year by SPR members is coming up. It is fun and exciting, yes it is Cyclo Sportif – Swan Valley!

This year it will be held on Sunday 28 June 2015 so book this in your calendar folks!  It is a great event for a team building and having a taste of a “race like” condition.

At the moment, we are calling up all team leaders.  Put down your name in the comment of this blog entry.  A follow up post will be done soon to gather the troops!

14 thoughts on “Cyclo Sportif – Swan Valley : Team leader – expression of Interest”

  1. Team leaders for Swan Valley SPR ladies teams;
    SPR Bella 1 (80kms main 1 pace) – Leigh Outschoorn
    SPR Bella 2 (80kms main 2 pace) – Audrey Xie
    SPR Bella 3 (80kms main 3 pace) – Jenny Dunn (full)
    SPR Bella 4 (64kms main 3/4 pace) – tbc

    These teams are registered on the BWA website.

  2. The “Chocolat Canard” is registered and currently has four committed and would be looking for a full complement. Average last year was apparently 35.292 km/hr but expect something above 40km.

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