Want to say Thank you? Well, now you can!


At the end of every month you will have the opportunity to acknowledge someone for their helpful deeds, outstanding volunteering, or even just lending a hand or wheel when you needed it most.

We’ve all been there when we are enduring struggle town and some helpful soul comes to our aid. Events run smoothly because of people giving up their time to be a volunteer. Group rides are ridden safely because someone has given up their hit out to help others on their ride. Whatever the good deed, please feel free to thank them here!

12 thoughts on “Want to say Thank you? Well, now you can!”

  1. I’d like to thank everyone who helped out at the Cyclo Sportif on Sunday. In particular to Heiko and Susie who stayed all morning to look after the riders bags in the speed dome.

  2. Thank you to Louise and the girls for the first SPR ladies mountain bike adventure! We had so much fun.. thanks for waiting 😉

  3. Many thanks to Belinda Evans and Sam Flockhart for braving the wet and wild weather a fortnight ago to come and support the SPR chicks who took part in Race 2 of the Pickering Brook Race Series. Amongst many things on the day the girls did, Belinda and Sam drove the lead car for the race giving the SPR chicks something to chase. Top chicks!

  4. Thankyou to whoever puts the tent up at Pickering every time I race there. I presume it’s El Prez but sometimes he’s not even there. When it’s pissing with rain and cold it is a godsend. Thank you whoever you are.

  5. thanks to Leigh, she’s been so inspiring and I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t welcomed by her at the first ladies session. Shane White and Brad, the main 3 ride leaders always helped while I was in trouble, thanks to stephanie, Lesley, Shirley, Ian, Martin who have helped me along the way while I am dropping from rides..any of you who have helped me in the rides I thank you all..thanks to SPR!

  6. As a relative newbie to the club, just want to say thanks to the many unnamed individuals I have ridden with in the past 6 weeks or so. In particular to the guys who dragged me up Greenmount one Sunday in June (i was just ahead of my granny)


  7. Sincere thank you to all who have pushed, towed, waited for and encouraged me, especially and particularly Carol Dowse, Vicky, Sam Flockhart, Brett, Shaw and Leigh right from the start of my SPR journey; and Jen Watkins and Laurensia for not letting me give up during the rides yesterday and today; and Leigh again for believing in me time and again. Thank you also to all of the committee for your hard work and dedication – SPR would not have such an awesome culture without you.

  8. A heart felt thank you must go the consistent support of our beginner level group leaders. Without you, myself and many others wouldn’t be enjoying the solid foundation you provide at such an important and impressionable time for us starting out.
    I have really fond memories of my beginnings and have the following to thank…Carol Dowse, Owen Casey, Brett Robson, Shaw Goh and Shane White…you were there for me 3 ago & you are still there helping others through the ranks of SPR. Thank you so very much for your consistent support and your valuable time. xxx

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