Collie-DonnyBrook Cycling Classic – Entries close 6th August

It seems that road racing has hibernated for the depths of winter. Get out the warm gear and think about getting ready for the Collie Donnybrook Classic.
ctd 2015 flyer-jpegThe race is the second oldest handicap race in Australia and it is celebrating it’s 90th year! SPR member Ben Godridge holds the all time fastest record for the course!

The race is a handicap format, meaning you will be allocated into a group of similar ability with the aim being to work together to get to the finish before the fastest A graders catch you.

There is over $8000 in prize money on offer and $1400 to the first person to break Ben’s all time record!

To celebrate the 90th anniversary, the Collie Cycle Club have special cycling gear and souviner stubby holders available on their website.

Registrations close Midnight Thursday 6th of August and can be made here.

14 thoughts on “Collie-DonnyBrook Cycling Classic – Entries close 6th August”

  1. Good on you Jack. It was one of my first races three years ago. It is very hard. I’ll be there again trying to hang onto a group – any group – any wheel in fact. Wear your club kit. We’ll see you there.

    1. Doesn’t matter Lesley. They will allocate you a handicap place based on any past racing history supposedly. Hopefully it will reflect your riding ability but often not. Everyone starts when their time comes up. The slow people first the fast ones (scratch) about half an hour later.

  2. Start Time:
    11.00 am 40km U/15 Men and Women
    11.30 am 56km U/17 Men and Women
    12:00 pm – 56km Open Support Race. and 56km over 50’s Support Race
    12:30 pm -104km Collie to Donnybrook & Return Cycling Classic.
    Depends which event you are taking part in Richard. Turn up 11.30-12ish if you are doing the last one. It doesn’t take long to get there as you can go straight down the freeway then turn onto Coalfirlds Road. 2 hours max. Go to the pub in the middle of the main street and see what handicap time they have given you, get over your shock at how good they think you are, register and get numbers. Warm up. Go to the start section across the road from the pub when it’s your start time. Slower riders obviously start first so scratch guys go off at about 1.

  3. The trick is to work together with other riders. Having previously won the Lantern Rouge I can only advise dig deep on the first hills out of town. Try your utmost to stay with your group. It’s not that big a hill and there’s a big downhill coming up. If you get dropped as I did try and stay for a while on the back of the groups coming through even if it’s just for a few minutes. Ballam will always cheer you up and try and keep you on for a bit. Then if you’re on your own try and find someone to work with even if you just sit on their wheel. They won’t mind. Eat. Have a chat to them. You’ll see the big group that’s all joined up pass you as you’re going into Donnybrook and they are going out. After the T junction that downhill you came down when leaving Collie you now have to go back up. Just keep turning the pedals. If it all gets too much there’s a sag wagon but it’s great to finish it under your own steam. See you at the pub. It looks like it’s going to be wet for the race.

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