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20150802114806Watertower_Challenge_Banner_2015bthe watertower challenge is on next weekend (sunday 25th) and we need some club volunteers to help run this event.  jobs are not arduous and basically involve handing out food and taking down numbers.

we need 7 volunteers as listed below with one able to provide suitable transport to pick up people and bikes if required (i.e. trailer or ute/4wd).

if you can help out on the day, put your name in the comments and which job you can do.  thanks.


Registration – Coode St carpark

Rego desk – Jason Gordon + Roisin McIlroy

  • 5:30am set up, 7:15am pack up.
  • Sign in teams, hand out helmet stickers, navigation guides, emergency contacts.

Timer/Starter – Julian Johnson

  • Organise teams to the start line, deliver rider briefing, set teams off at required time.


Feedzone 01 – Prisk St Karrinyup

Feedzone – Lorraine Smith + Jason Gordon + Callum Stott

  • 7:45am setup, 10:00am pack up (after last metric team has passed)
  • Set up tent, sign in teams, fill bottles, hand out food.


Feedzone 02 – Whiteman Park

Feedzone – Cameron Dawson + Toby Hodgson

  • 9:20am setup, 11:00am pack up (after last imperial team has passed)
  • Buy Ice, Sign in teams, fill bottles, hand out food.


Sag Wagon – Everywhere.

Sag wagon driver –  Andrew Williams

  • Start at rego. Drive to Feedzone 01, drive to Feedzone 02.
  • Take any calls for assistance.
  • Petrol money has been budgeted for.

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