SPR first social event of the year – Giro d’Italia Night!

So we have been blown away by the recent performance of Aussie cyclist Mathew Hayman at Paris Roubaix. It is then exciting to see what the Giro d’Italia is going to come up with!

With that in mind, the SPR Social Committee presents to you all a Giro d’Italia night at Bravos Restaurant. The patrons had a great time last year so we are going back for more!

You can have a look at what the restaurant offers at their website here: http://www.bravos.com.au/


Note down in your diary:  Tuesday, 17 May 2016 at 6:30 PM.

The cost is just $40 per person and payment is required via the SPR shop located here.  The dinner consists of centre of table dishes and a choice of main course. Here is the menu:

Bravos menu

We hope to see you all there! Hurry, places are limited and entry is closed by Sunday 15 May 2016. Last year was fully booked so don’t miss out!

Help us spread the word guys! All patrons are welcome.

There will be games on the night with prizes to be won. Stelvio eXperience has kindly provided some goodies for the night. Perhaps the night might encourage you to go Italy yourself. Check out the website to see what Stelvio eXperience can offer you : http://www.stelvioexperience.it/

Social subcommittee (Laurensia, Heiko, Amanda, Carol, Graham, Belinda and Lorraine)

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