SPR National Kit

If you are one of the lucky ones who has qualified for this year’s UCI Gran Fondo World Series final in September it is likely you got an email from Cycling Australia late last week about how to purchase Australian national kit.  If so, you might like to hold off purchasing for a bit…

The club is currently investigating the requirements for printing and selling our own South Perth Rouleurs version of the national kit.  As you will have seen in the past, when the pros race in national kit it is customised to feature their sponsors and trade team.  A similar thing is possible featuring club badging.  This will not only make the kit a bit more special, but will also help you to stand out a bit more from what is likely to be a sea of generic Australian jerseys on the day!!

We’ll have something sorted in the next week or two so watch this space…

7 thoughts on “SPR National Kit”

  1. I’m glad you brought this up, I’d already thought of commissioning my own. Can you confirm if a skinsuit would be an option? Cannibal or Santini?

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