Expression of Interest – Swan Valley Cyclo Sportif

One of the most attended events of the year by SPR members is coming up. It is fun and exciting, yes it is the Cyclo Sportif – Swan Valley!

This year it will be held on Sunday 26 June 2016 so book this in your calendar folks!  It is a great event for team building and having a taste of a “race like” conditions.

At the moment, we are calling up all riders who are keen to participate in this event.  Put your name in the comment section of this blog entry together with your choice of speed and distance.  A follow up post will be done soon to gather the troops!

For more information on the event, refer to: BWA website.

25 thoughts on “Expression of Interest – Swan Valley Cyclo Sportif”

  1. Hi Laurensia
    I have put my hand up to be on team1 with Michelle & Amanda.
    But I need to get the all clear with my broken hand which is still in a cast. I will message you in a week or two with results from hand surgeon

    1. Noting this CRAZY course Laurensia, I reserve my judgment & application until BWA come up with a course that is sound for all abilities & sealed

  2. I believe there is a fault with the map as published by BWA – Hardwick Road does not go through to Weir Road and up the hill to the monster Haddrill Rd climb – it is a dead end. (In case you have downloaded it)
    I tried riding the course today as per the BWA map and had to backtrack to Campersic Rd and then Haddrill Rd. I will contact BWA to clarify it during the week.
    I only just made it up the hill on a 39/28 (including the odd zig-zag) – Strava shows it gets to 23%.

      1. I know the bit you mean Craig – I could see it from my high vantage point and I wasn’t going there only for it to end in tears (mine). It was a ‘road to nowhere’….. (and I didn’t want to spend all day cleaning my bike).

    1. I have contacted Jeremy Murray – CEO of BWA regarding the course errors. They have promised to make corrections and update the published courses in the near future.

    1. The hilly looks like a fun course. Cyclo-sportif riders usually fall off on the flat course, will be great fun having them hurtling down the Campersic Rd descent.

  3. Hi Cyclosportif riders,

    Ross Roworth has formed a group called “SPR Retirees” for the Swan Cyclosportif, A Hills ride (85 km) at “M3 type” pace – avg 28-30 km/hr for the ride.

    So far team is: Ross Roworth, John Kitching, Geoffrey “Brett” Robson.

    Others with same aspirations are welcome to join us.
    No need to be a Seniors card holder!!!

    Hear from you soon………..


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