New look Swan Valley Cyclo Sportif and Current team

BWA have revamped the Swan Valley Cyclo Sportif route, which is held on Sunday 26 June 2016. Previous years have been very popular and this year is yet another opportunity to ride with new and old team mates in a well organised event.


This year you have 3 route options:

  • both A (80kms) & B (60kms) distance – one is hilly and one is flat.
  • The C Distance is a flat 30kms.

SPR supports this event yearly with the help from volunteers, a club tent, photos and breakfast. We hope you support this key event and participate.

BWA logo

More about BWA & the details of event here:

Also see below for the current SPR teams for Cyclo Sportif Swan Valley:

SPR team updated

*The above is the final team based on registered riders

** BWA has been notified on the course change from hills to flat. However, when you register this change is not reflected.

Let social committee (Laurensia) know if you want to add more team. We will update the above table accordingly. Each team has a maximum of 9 members. Place your name in the comments if you are interested in joining the above teams. Kindly ensure that you can keep up with the group you’ve committed to.


23 thoughts on “New look Swan Valley Cyclo Sportif and Current team”

  1. Thanks, Laurensia.
    Unfortunately have just been told I need to cover some shifts that w/e & now will be on call Saturday night. Call is unpredictable & I may sleep right through, alternatively a busy night would mean that I won’t ride. I still want to do the ride & am happy to stay on team Chocolat Canard but this would depend on if the others are prepared to ride as 8 if I don’t turn up? Alternatively, if another fast / M1 rider wants to join & commit, either leave me out altogether or put me in another team that is short of riders – happy to ride in any team, any pace….

  2. Hi Laurensia
    “SPR Retirees” team is now doing new 90 km Mixed route now.
    Team so far is as listed (3) with 6 more invites pending registration. More soon…… don’t have to have a Seniors Card to ride with us…..;))

  3. Hi Laurensia,

    If there is still space, can you put me down for Main 3, please. Prefer mixed route if possible, otherwise flat. I am sure I have sent an email earlier indicating my interest but don’t know what happened wit that.

    Many thanks

      1. Hi Laurensia,

        Yes I am a different Anita. I have meanwhile registered myself and my bike buddy John as part of the SPR retirees team. Thanks very much 🙂


    1. Hi Anita, we have two spots left in M3 pace 64k flat ride – team name is – SPR Threel Seekers. You are most welcome to join us for Sunday.
      Registrations close tonight. Call me on 0438075505 if you would like to discuss, regards Steph

  4. There is a new 80km flat Main 2/3 pace (SPR Easy Riders) – Graham Hoskins Leading – 4 registered already; Graham H; Azfar S; Michael M; Costa V. If you are interested please leave a comment as soon as possible.
    Posted by Carol.

  5. Hi Laurensia
    Please put me down for Chocolat canards to make up numbers, or replace someone who can’t make it. I will enter online tonight

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