Are you even fast too?

During the summer months, we have a bunch ride that leaves straight after the normal “Fast” riders, called “Fast Too”. Thursday’s have been working pretty well of late, so have subsequently transitioned this ride option to the Saturday program, with the first Fast Too ride going out this weekend just gone. From all reports, it’s going  ‘pretty well’ with perhaps just one disclaimer….people really need to self-seed correctly to make it work.

So, what does this mean?

Well, to channel a much loved weight lifting you tuber, “are you even fast too”?  

Unlike the other SPR Rides, it’s less about bunch riding and/or cycle skills because it’s expected at this level you know what you’re doing…..Fast Too is more about strength, fitness and endurance.

The main consideration when self-seeding for Fast Too is whether you are going to be part of the bunch doing work in the pursuit of keeping the pace high and possibly even catching the “fast” bunch, or just hanging on the back from the start trying desperately not to get dropped. While there is no shame in having a ‘bad day’ and sucking wheel on the odd occasion, if you’re ALWAYS on the back of the string behind the riders doing the heavy lifting, you probably aren’t fast too….yet.

What then do you do in order to become fast too? You do the work, baby! And you have three choices:

  1. Go with Fast Too; do as many turns as you can, pop, and form a sub-group of other poppee’s to try and chase back on….this makes you stronger
  2. Go with Fast Too; do more turns than you can really handle, pop, and wait for Main 1 to sweep you up….this makes you stronger
  3. Go with Main 1 and do more work than everyone else; helping to keep the pace high up front or helping drag stragglers onto the back…this makes you stronger

The important thing to keep in mind about all three options, is that you really, really, really need to listen to the ride leader for guidance on what they need from you, especially if you’re in Main 1. Keeping the pace up at the front is not about pulling everyone’s legs off; it’s about doing more &/or longer turns on the front at a steady/solid pace so the BUNCH gets the benefit of your awesomeness….this makes you stronger…..

At the end of the day, it’s up to you. That’s the point of “self-seeding”. You know where you sit in the pack; you know how you’re feeling on the day; you know if you’re “really” Fast Too or just “making up the numbers” at the back….the choice is yours and yours alone….be brave, be bold, be honest!

One thought on “Are you even fast too?”

  1. Good post – three very good suggestions for helping to make an average rider build herself/himself into a stronger rider.
    And of course, a fourth suggestion (not involving Saturday Group Rides) – go to The Track (velodrome) for Monday Night training and Friday Night Racing. That is guaranteed to make you stronger….

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