So you have been riding with us on the weekend or are looking for a club to join, then this is the spot for you.

There are a number of different memberships you can get and each provide different things.

full racing membership

If you are intending to do any cycling wa races then this is the membership for you.  Depending on how old you are this will cost you anywhere from $401 (elite/open licence) down to $336 (masters) and $215 (u19).  This includes a $25 club fee while the rest is licence fees that go to WestCycle and Cycling Australia.    You can join up here by clicking on the “new registration” link under the “new members” heading and following the instructions.

recreational membership (RIDE)

If you are a regular rider but do not race (or may think about racing later) then this membership will give you a little extra insurance cover in the unfortunate event of an accident.  It costs from $70 for juniors through to $151 for adults and includes the club fee but can be upgraded to a full racing licence and you only pay the difference.  You can join up here by clicking on the “new member sign up” button on the left and following the instructions.  this licence is also called a “RIDE” licence.

renewing your licence in 2020

If you are already a member with us and just need to renew for 2020, the click here and sign in.

changing clubs when renewing your licence

If you currently have a licence and wish to change to South Perth Cycle Club then welcome.  However,  the online renewal service does not give you the option to choose a new club as you can as a “new member”.  What you need to do is email your name and current licence number.  there is a form that needs to be filled out and signed by your old club and new club.  If this is done when renewing at the start of the season it does not cost anything.

extraordinary membership

A number of regular riders with SPR often have memberships with other organisations that offer them a similar level of insurance protection as Cycling Australia.  This extraordinary membership allows people to become “social” members of the South Perth Cycle Club without becoming a member of Cycling Australia and costs $30.  It is only open to people that have a membership with the following organisations –

  • Other Cycling Australia Clubs
  • Triathlon WA
  • Mountain Bike Australia
  • BMX Australia
  • Audax

This membership makes you eligible for the same discounts, offers and events that a normal membership would allow as well as allows you to purchase the club kit.  It does not, however, give you any voting rights within the club or allow you to hold any office within the committee.  Extraordinary membership can be purchased through the club shop.

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