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2018 sweepstakes 


  • teams are randomly selected for each entry
  • cost per entry is $30 and all money will be returned to the prize pool
  • prize money is awarded on the same basis as the actual tour
  • prize money is accumulated on both a daily and final classification basis
  • on a daily basis it is as follows –
    • top 20, gc leader, intermediate sprint top 3, points leader, mountain points, mountain leader, best young rider, young rider leader, best team, most combative, special bonus on 2 of the high climbs
  • in the final classification, prizes are awarded as follows –
    • top 160, points top 8, mountains top 8, young rider top 4, teams top 8, most combative
  • a complete breakdown of prize money can be found on the official website
  • for the sweepstakes prize money is awarded based on the percentage of the total prize pool.  for example, the actual winner of the tour will receive 500,000€ out of the 2,287,750€ prize pool which is 21.85%.  in our sweepstakes the entry that has the winning team will receive 21.85% of the sweepstakes prize pool, in this case approx $140.
  • the leaderboard will update daily with the accumulated prizes for each team

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