3 thoughts on “ride routes 16th & 17th feb”

  1. Guys did you have an accident on the first part of the ride? Or did you go a different way?

    I waited in Darlington for ages but did not see you and hence cycled the route on my own – I keep looking over my shoulder expecting you to appear but nothing happened!

  2. Humble apologies for pushing a bit after the Point Walter lump. I didn’t hear the ride instructions, i.e. push it a bit on the way to Point Walter, then ease off a bit. I just thought it was an increase in the pace. And there’s no way I heard anyone shouting at me, I was chasing someone off the front, who apparently wasn’t even on our ride!!

    No apologies for the speed up to Cott from Freo, I didn’t start that one Sir 🙂 The phrase red rag to a bull springs to mind.

    Good to be back out with you guys. Won’t be out this saturday though, racing on Sunday.

    ‘Big’ Chris

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