jersey design – part 01

ok, i need some help.
i am starting to look at a jersey design for the group but i need some ideas of what we will be called.
it is primarily a south perth ride so i would like to call it the –
south perth (insert name here)

i.e. south perth riders (for those with a lack of imagination)
south perth coffee crankers (has been suggested before)

add your comments to the bottom of this post, but be sure to leave your name so we can give you credit if we run with it.

29 thoughts on “jersey design – part 01”

  1. South Perth Spinners, Southern Spinners, South Perth Spin Machines, Southern Spin Machines

  2. and some more…

    South Perth Slipstreamers
    South Perth Smashers
    South Perth Drafters
    South Perth Bike Snobs (meaning I’d have to upgrade – ya!)
    South Perth Coffee Time Legends
    South Perth Cycling Legends (someone stop me..)

  3. …tracing your family tree back to a convict is practically a claim to royalty in Aus – so how about:

    “South Perth Chain Gang”…

  4. Mmm…lets see:

    “The group formerly known as Bike Force South Perth”
    “The South Perth menace on wheels”
    “The South Perth deadly sprinters”
    “The South Perth avengers”
    “The South Perth ‘Shimano rules’ group
    “The South Perth KFC legs” group

    Mmm…or perhaps something friendly & environmentally-aware:
    “The south perth carbon off-setters”
    “Your friendly South Perth bunch: riding for a better world”

  5. How about:

    Team Cycling South-Perth Club

    I think we can get some red, black and white jerseys to match our Cervelos. Going cheap now on the net. – Bjarne

  6. Something that goes with Bianchi Celeste Green… (and won’t clash with red hair)

    On a more serious note…
    South Perth Wheel Warriors
    South Perth Legends of Lycra
    South Perth Cafe Crusaders… caffeine fueled cadence!!!
    South Perth Accelerators
    Cheap Torque
    South Perth Velocity

  7. Humbly suggest
    South Perth Velomotion
    with the exalted becoming
    South Perth Cervelomotion

    trailing by mainy RPM is
    South Perth Revolution

    Kinda like the idea of a very stylised “mapmyride” pattern jersey.


  8. Cyclo South Perth
    South Perth Cadence
    South Perth Wheelers
    South Perth Coasters
    South Perth Echelon
    South Perth Paceliners

  9. Alot of good names out there…

    I like John’s name:

    ‘Team SPS’

    South Perth Smashers

    Although obviously we are a well behaved bunch who does not believe in smashing.

  10. I’ll throw my vote in for South Perth Chain Gang…

    And then if anyone can come up with some words that result in the anacronym S.P.I.N, I think that’d work…but I’m not that creative – sorry. Rob.

  11. south perth velomotion

    south perth velo-nation(with coffee cup on jersey)

    south perth velocipedes

    white knicks…does that mean that the chicks on the rides get to stare at muddy see through partially white rear ends??..

  12. how bout a spin cycle cap from headsweats(coolmax..better than cotton and in traditional cycling cap style) they have a min order of 36…woould we get that many??

  13. Not technically a name but a play on the green carbon-neutral theme…

    “Powered by muscles, not motors.
    Fueled by passion, not petrol”

  14. Hi all,

    I’d like to put in a couple of preferences:

    South Perth Chain Gang (John)

    Cheap Torque(rs) (Lorraine)

    This one could be used to rhyme with Bike Force for sponsorship purposes.

    For Peter – South Perth – Sans Punctuation.

    On the white nicks: they need to be mixed with another colour as we only go fast sometimes. They may also make bottoms look big in these.

    Some other possibilities on the SPIN theme:

    South Perth is nice.
    South Perth Initiates Nirvana

    More seriously:

    South Perth Impressionante Nella Scia (SPINS – transl. “South Perth impressive in the slipstream”

    South Perth: Inspiration Necessaire (with e acute)
    (transl. “South Perth: Breath and Motivation required”)

    South Perth: Intense et Noye (e acute again, although the other letters aren’t bad) (transl. “SP: strong and clean”)

    Michael B.

  15. My vote goes for one of MB’s SPINs.

    ‘South Perth: Intense et Noye’

    A big SPIN on the front of the Jersey (Like WAR have on theirs) then the full name on our Knicks.

  16. I’m with Ryan – Mike.B’s ”South Perth: Intense et Noye’
    ‘ has Je ne sais pas…but it works…

  17. If noye is a french word, it means drowning / death by water asphyxiation

    Are we cycling or rowing?


  18. Well I guess I do feel like I’m drowning i sweat sometimes…does that count? 😉

  19. i’ll chip in my two cents worth.
    so straight from the tour de france glossary.

    South Perth Rouleurs

    Rouleurs: An attacking rider, so a classier way of saying smashers.


    South Perth Autobus

    Autobus – Also known simply as ‘the bus’, this is the group of riders at the back of the race in the mountain stages. The bus mostly consists of sprinters and other non-climbers, and the aim is simply to finish within the day’s time limit.
    sounds like our ride.

  20. Jerry,

    Is there a more accurate N word for clean in Francais then? (Drowning is not good, even for a rower)

    Would “Net” as in “clean/smooth” (neat?) fit the bill?

    That would make “SPIN” followed by “South Perth: Intense et Net” underneath.

    Michael B.

  21. South Perth:
    Intense and Neurotic…

    Accurate, but probably not a good thing I’m guessing… 😉

  22. OK: I’ve done some creative thinking…

    …how about S.P.I.N: South Perth Inveterate Naturaliste’s

    My rationale:

    Inveterate: firmly established by long persistence; confirmed in a habit

    Natualiste: a person who takes action, inclination, or thought based only on natural desires and instincts (which is actually Naturalist – but I like the French/European flavour so went to Naturaliste – which also has a WA link from Geographe) . Rob

  23. I like Mike B. suggestion for the name. SPIN.

    South Perth ‘Intense Et Noye’
    if we can decide on the meaning of Noye.

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