jersey design – part 02

ok, we have a preliminary design done and a bunch of sponsors on board. the name of the group is not final (i needed something for the design) so comments are welcome.

there is still a few spots left for sponsors, so if you own a business, or think you can get some money out of the company you work for, then let me know and i can tell you how much things cost.

linked below is the previous post with the comments attached when the name was being discussed.

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11 thoughts on “jersey design – part 02”

  1. looks good – jus a couple of questions:

    * are the colours “locked-in”?
    * can we get bib-nicks?

  2. colours aren’t “locked in” but this is version 12 of the jersey, so we have been through quite a few interations already.

    do you have a problem with the colours???

    bib/brace or plain knicks are available. we just do the design on plain knicks to save space as they are the same print.

  3. colours are fine by me – just checking how far down the design track you were.

    The colours do well with a couple of the main sponsor logos so it’s all good.

    Good work – look forward to seeing it in the flesh.

    (Ryan even gets a bit of white on his nicks…:-)

  4. White on the bits which don’t count, black on the bits which do.. Pffft, do you not know that black is a ‘sliming’ colour, so we are not doing ourselves any favours in that department..

    Although maybe the Drs could give us a hand….

  5. I’m not prepared to give you a “hand” Ryan
    A prosthesis is what I recommend (so early in your marriage, very sad)

  6. Ahhhh….
    Bianchi green… SOOOO beautiful!!!!

    Don’t you mean “SLIMMING” Ryan not “SLIMING”!!!
    The O2 deprivation from too much time in the pool has led to dyslexia!!!

  7. Hey, I like it. I even like the name.

    It has a distant resemblance to the Liquigas / Cannondale kit…


    (out for the last few weeks due to relatives visiting Perth, but back next Saturday)

  8. any colour variations? sorry just not a green fan no offence to the bianchi/liquigas fans of the bunch meant (this is from someone who is a blue fan but rides a little bumblebee so feel free to ignore my comment) nik

  9. Well Mrs Caf Queen

    we are in Slime green outfits.. 🙂

    Although to be honest I was not aware of the way to spell it, it is a new word added to my vocab. Slimming, for most of my years I have been trying out numerous bulking techniques.

    Jerard, what is involved in a ‘prosthesis’? Is it the same as presenting the thumb?

    I hope you are going green at your practise, turn the gloves around.. That way you get two uses out of each pair..


  10. Hi guys, kate here (pete’s better half) pls pls no more changes there has been many revisions and I want my computer back, there is much ebaying I could be doing!!!!!

  11. I think it looks fine, no more changes required just finalizing the sponsors.
    Ryan, I am green in my practice. I don’t even use a glove!

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