sunday 13th – crash report

UPDATE from simon thu 17th
Winton will be in hospital until monday. He had plastic surgery around his eye last Sunday, but after the operation had blood in urine so had to stay in.
That fixed itself but then on Tuesday they discovered he has broken tibia and fibia at the ankle and has an operation tomorrow to put some pins in to fix that.

Paul Prottie is out but has a lot of skin off his inner thighs, arse and back.

Joe has a massively swollen calf where the bumper got him, they suspect broken leg but cannot do much until swelling goes down.

UPDATE from hannah via triwa forum mon 14th

Thank you to all of our cycling and triathlon friends who have sent messages of support.
We are so relieved that no one was more seriously injured from the impact.

To date, there are still three cyclists in hospital, but all are expected to be released today.

All cyclists were experienced riders, and were riding safely, within the shoulder/ bike lane of Brookton Hwy. We rode single file when neccesary, and stayed together as a group to be more visable to traffic.

My assumption is the young 17 year old driver who had been out all night and was on his way home, fell asleep at the wheel, judging from the way he moved across the road and ploughed through the group of 11 cyclists.

I was fortunate enough to be at the front of the group, and had time to turn away from the car. All I can say is make sure you wear a decent helmet when you ride. This is what helped save everyones lives.

UPDATE from watoday website

UPDATE from simon sun 13th
Its incredible no one was killed.
Fortunate enough for me i was hiking this morning and didnt ride with the group.
Jeff, the owner of cyclebuzz and cyclerama, has started a sunday hills ride.
This morning Sunday 13/7/08 whilst up in the hills a 19 year old youth in his ute hit the peleton from behind destroying 6 carbon bikes, and wounding six riders.
The ambulances came and took three of the riders to Armadale hospital and the other 3 taken to Royal Perth.
I have just finished talking with Phil and Hannah who advise the following:
Armadale Hospital –
1. Gary – scans and xrays ok released cuts and bruising
2. Maricio – Hannah was riding next to him and watched him go onto the bonnet then off – scans and xrays ok released
3. Winton Lawton ( Hannahs husband )- ct brain scans ok xrays ok, he has face eye issues, plastic surgeon called in, is being transferred to Royal Perth for further assessment and maybe surgery.
Perth Hospital –
1. Joe scans etc ok released – his new carbon C1 Giant he bought from us last week destroyed
2. Jeff Appleton ( owner of Cyclebuzz and Cyclerama ) scans etc ok big black eye cuts etc. Was in Trauma section, was released this afternoon but started to feel bad so went back in for further observation.
3. Paul Prottie ( Shannon Arnotts husband ) – seems to have come off worst – is in Trauma section expected to be in overnight, hopefully no spinal damage, lets cross fingers for him.
The rest of the peleton not harmed. The Police are investigating the cause.
while we were up at kalamunda today, bobbie barnes from another group, mentioned about a crash that happened on brookton hwy this morning. it seems that a group from cyclebuzz/cyclerama were out climbing brookton when a P plater in a ute drifted onto the shoulder where they were riding and cleaned most of them up. no-one was killed but a couple of the riders were taken to royal perth with all types of injuries
and are not in the best condition.

our group didn’t head out that way today, but we did go on some pretty tight roads. it pays to be aware of the traffic conditions and we often went to single file as cars got stuck behind us. however, it just seems that no matter how much you do to stay out of trouble, it only takes one driver to lose concentration and you are gone.

our thoughts go out to those that got injured today and hope that they make a speedy recovery.

stay safe

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  1. very sad to hear about the accident. I actually heard it from an Ambo friend who had been called to the scene. I knew our group was going the other way so knew they were safe.

    I hope everyone pulls through well. Thankfully noone died.

  2. Paul Prottey is a Water Corp guy – we rode a couple of CS together, so its specially bad news..

  3. I am glad to hear that it was not more serious and that the incident do es not seem to be intention. I wish all the riders a good recovery.

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