ride routes 25th & 26th october

with a lot less fanfare than the 2009 tour de france route unveiling, i present to you the rides for this weekend.  just like the tour, there are flat stages, hilly stages and some brutal climbs.  very much unlike the tour, we are cramming all this excitement into two action packed days.

saturday will see us keeping things close to home with a circuit past jerry’s palace in city beach before a loop past cottelsoe and dalkeith.  just the slum neighbourhoods really.

sunday will see the return of the f_ckenberg climb in mt nasura so crack out the 27 tooth cogs or compact cranks because if you stop on this one, you won’t be able to start again.  ryan currently leads the mountain points classification, but with a chance that he will be racing instead, there is a maximum of 50 points on offer for a few riders to springboard past to take the october prize.  it should make for a competitive sunday ride.

south perth rouleurs saturday ride 11 (rebold hill & cott)

south perth rouleurs sunday ride 09 (patterson & canns & urch)

4 thoughts on “ride routes 25th & 26th october”

  1. Hi
    I haven’t ridden with you guys before but have been recommended to do so by a friend. I am interested in finding out the route of this Sunday’s ride (26 Oct)but cannot open up the link. What to do?

  2. eloise, at the moment the sunday ride doesn’t have a link as i haven’t finished re-mapping them all. there is a page at the top that shows all the sunday rides, so click on it and scroll down till you reach #09. you can then double click to zoom in and check out the complete route. look forward to seeing you on sunday.


  3. Hi,

    I am new to Perth and keen to do some hilly rides, but am not in the best shape right now. Will tomorrow’s ride be a killer with riders spread out all over the hills, or is the group mixed ability?

    I’d hate to hold you all up or get lost up in them thar ills.

    I have been doing the Saturday morning rides with Cyclemania and just about hanging in on the fast bits – how would that compare with your rides?

  4. john, sorry i didn’t check this till late, but you are welcome to come out and play with us tomorrow. the ride caters for a wide range of abilities, but there is only one way you will know how well you go in teh hills and that is by riding them. we regroup at the top of all the climbs and the pace between hills is very relaxed. the way home is usually a bit of a sprint if you legs are still active, but there will always be someone to ride with.
    we won’t let you get lost, and there are shortcuts to take if you feel like it is a bit too much. the rides always have a coffee at kalamunda, so it is social as well as physical.
    i look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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