ride routes 7th & 8th mar plus inaugural meeting

good old benara road.  lots of fun with an easterly wind.  this time we will split the groups early (after 8kms) and the fast boys will have to try to make up 8km extra over the remaining 34kms that that main group will do.  is it achievable???  does it really matter.  what matters is the fast boys get to go fast and the main group gets to stay together.

sunday will see the return of the f_ckenberg.  as equally as terrifying as the chookenberg, this will test the legs as the first climb of the day.  a few more climbs to follow will make sure that any physical activity in the afternoon will result in a lot of complaining from whoever attempts the ride.

south perth rouleurs saturday ride 08 (benara rd)

south perth rouleurs saturday ride 08b (benara rd)

south perth rouleurs sunday ride 09 (patterson & canns & urch)

attached is the notice of the inaugural meeting of the south perth cycle club.  we have an agenda which we need to go through at the coffee shop and also attached is the constitution that we hope to adopt on the day.  have a read, and if you have any issues, let us know at the meeting.  we will also be accepting licence applications for those that need a racing licence and also if you need to change clubs.  the change of club form is also attached and as a special offer, until the end of the month, you can change clubs for only $15 instead of the normal $55. 

i will soon post some information on why we think it would be a good idea to get a recreational licence through the club even if you are not intending on racing.  what it can offer you as a rider and us as a club as well as other road users.  also, if you do decide to do some racing later in the year, you only pay the difference between the licences rather than the full cost of a racing licence.  anyway, we will discuss that later. 

notice of inaugural meeting

spcc constitution 20090305

club transfer form

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  1. you will be able to do it on line soon but i think pete will be bringing along hard copies on saturday

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