Inaugural Meeting of the "Roulettes"…

Davina and Lisa... Cheesing it up for the camera
"lean in girls"

Report by Lorraine

Last Thursday a group of suspiciously fit and enthusiastic women riders gathered together for a clandestine meeting in the backwaters of Leederville.

Many weeks in the planning, this was to be the first meeting of the Roulettes… a subversive breakaway group of riders with associations to the

better known and more reputable South Perth Rouleurs. The pre-requisites  for entry to this elite league of ladies were simple  …a road bike, a pair of ovaries, ownership of more lycra than the average female and a penchant for speed.

Much secretive discussion, planning and stragetising ensued over the course of the evening…

Anna and Jill

Nicole, Bec H ad Bec W
Holly, D and Lisa

After several hours the meeting was concluded and proclaimed to be an overwhelming success. Members made their way home…

many for an early night before the next morning’s training while some lingered over coffee and hot chocolate and considered the day off they had planned for the next day (actually that was only me!).

7 thoughts on “Inaugural Meeting of the "Roulettes"…”

  1. Clandestine? Breakaway groups? What’s happening? Are we ‘mere males’ not good enough for this ‘elite’ set?? What could you possibly have that ‘we’ don’t? I mean, apart from good looks, hot bods, great legs and a fabulous smile….??? Is there a membership form?? What if I wear a skirt??

  2. Mere Male…
    Are you not brave enough to reveal your true identity???

    BTW It would depend what you had under said skirt 😉

  3. if you look at some other comments, you can match the monster avatar on the left with a name to find an id. i know who it is, and i don’t want to see him in a skirt.

  4. Hmmm…
    Now if I recall correctly he is a non-shaver too!
    Yes, I’d have to agree Pete… Stay way from skirts “Mere Male”

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