saturday 28th mar – risely & cott

ride report by peter.


the last day of daylight savings for ever… maybe, depending on how the vote goes in may… or whether the government changes it’s mind and does another trial… again.  so anyway, it was dark, but we get to wind the clocks back tonight, so have a good think about it before you go to bed.  especially if you are coming on the hills ride tomorrow.  don’t be early.

i did a quick head count (as best i could in the dark) and we were definitely down on numbers this morning.  i guesstimated that we had about 40 riders so we would still split the group as i didn’t fancy leaving a trail of destruction through the southern suburbs.  we rolled out and stayed together as a group for the first 10 kms.  during this time, lorraine got a puncture and lisa and kim stopped to help her.  there was no call out to the group so at the front we didn’t even know it had happened and merrily continued on our way.  apparently after two attempts the girls did a different lap of the river and beat us to coffee.

a nice even pace all the way to the top of risely before the group split pretty evenly with the main group heading right at leach and the fast group going left.  our brief journey along leach was extended as we tried to turn onto murdoch drive and were left sitting at the lights for about 5 min.  when we did actually start moving again the pace up murdoch was quite pedestrian as even when jerry had to stop to fix his wheel alignment, it didn’t take much to draft him back to the pack.  by the time we reached south st i estimated that the 6km difference between the groups was more like 8 or 9 by now.  no chance of catching the prey now.

south st was definitely a different kettle of fish as the pace picked up from the start.  we were rolling through as best we could but this was made difficult with the undulating terrain as some people were already struggling with the pace.  a number of light changes allowed the group to stay relatively together so by the time we reached hampton rd, we had lost very few. 

a quick dash through the back of freo before we were off again along port beach rd.  with a bit of a tailwind along this stretch and marine terrace, the pace picked up substantially.  by the time we were halfway along cottesloe, the group had splintered significantly.  it was good to see jonny back with us in proper bike shoes as injuries have kept him out of the game for a while now.  i remember when he used to smash us on the rides, so the last year or so must have been very frustrating for him.  anyway, he was keeping up quite well today.

the group managed to squeeze back together in a couple of places, but the lights when crossing stirling hwy allowed the majority back on before the final push through dalkeith.  the pace picked up as normal and a few guys kept moving forward to keep the pace high.  on the tight left hander into jutland parade, kimbo and i managed to get a bit of a break.  not really meaning too, but when he told me we had a gap, we did our best to maintain it.  swapping out a few turns we kept ahead, but it was always going to be a matter of time before the train ran us down. 

we jumped on board as it went by, but i was now a little down in reserves and when the surge went on that last hill, i didn’t have the legs to keep up with the front.  fortunately for me, quite a few didn’t have the legs and the group was spread all along the road back to mounts bay.  the lights as usual allowed the regroup so that we had a decent size heading into the final sprint. 

i knew that we were going to be heading into a bit of a cross/head wind for the final push, so i was hoping that we could get a nice roll through happening.  it went to single file almost instantly but a couple of us started to roll through.  i followed michael’s wheel and dropped into the front position.  i took a glance to the right and confirmed my suspicions.  no-one else was rolling.  bastards.  fine.  i set a pace and was going to see if i could hold it to the end.  i managed to keep the pace high enough that no-one was coming around due to me holding them up, but by the time the brewery parking sign came up, i was starting to fade.  i was waiting for the jump to happen and i didn’t have to wait long.  once the brewery carpark was in sight, ryan took off with a couple of others on his wheel.  i sat up then as there was nothing more i could do.  one by one the rest of the group peeled off my wheel and took off after the sprint kings.  i managed to drag my super-domestique arse back to the coffee shop.

on other matters we have an advert in the southern gazette (community newspaper) this tuesday so that in a months time we can apply for incorporation of the club.  then we can apply for some grants so we can start to develop the club more. 

we may be doing another run of kit very soon as there is starting to be a bit of a need to have more jerseys available.  for those that are racing, it may pay to make sure you have a spare kit as ryan, stu, james, lisa and lorraine have found, racing can actually be dangerous and not always through any fault of your own.  if you are new to the group and want to “blend in” a bit better or want to feel like you are part of it, jump on board now as i am not sure when we will be ordering again.  go to the spr team kit page on the website and have a look at what we have.  send an email through and i will compile a list and order when we have enough.  this may mean that we get jerseys now and knicks a bit later.  if you want armwarmers or anything else, also put them on the list.  i will just keep it on the list until we can secure an order.

on other kit business, we are soon to be looking at spr team socks which should not be too hard to get.  as part of the winter kit we will get matching knee warmers through cannibal and i may also look into printed wind jackets.  from other suppliers i am chasing up printed gloves, shoe covers (lycra and cold weather) and those short peak cycling caps.  pretty soon we will have everything covered in little green hexagons. 

oddly enough i also found a place that sells no-name carbon road frames with a minimum order of 10 pieces.  quality would be similar to those mcmurdo bikes you see at glenn parker as they would come from a similar place and then just get painted.  a team bike would not really be that hard to organise.  anyway, i may be getting ahead of myself a bit now.

9 thoughts on “saturday 28th mar – risely & cott”

  1. The Main Group.
    We split at Leach Hway.Judd had joined us at soon realised that unlike the fast group our route has hills. He soon felt the pinch,two riders decided to stay with him and we pushed on.
    We cleared the two hills on Leach and just moved on as a group towards the link road across too Stirling bridge.We stopped at the lights at Stirling and I was able to see who we had in the group.It looked good, it looked hard, it looked fit a mass of rippling and wobbling muscle harnessed with lycra. I was getting excited just looking at them.
    I gave a quick pep talk then we moved onto port beach and started to roll thru quite nicely. (All except one rider)We passed a big group at the roundabout who had stopped for some reason they all looked and stared in wonder as we glided past and onto marine pde we kept the tempo going right on thru to the main part of cottesloe and as we past the cafe I turned to see the umbrellas and chairs turning over as the rush of air that we left whisked thru.
    Near the OBH we had to stop for pleasant young lady to cross on the crosswalk.It must have been a sight to see twenty riders all lined up on the front line at the crosswalk.
    At this stage i checked on one rider to see if he was feeling alright he replied that he was not 100% today I decided to keep a eye on him but not well enough as will become apparent later.We went single file till stirling hway and thru Dalkieth rolled again then regroup again at the lights near the University for the run home along Mounts Bay Rd. As we came up to the brewery I knew i had made a mistake in not stopping the roll thru earlier to enable the bunch to decide the sprint. Let me recall the events as I remember , I peeled of the front after my roll thru to see Doug coming thru to go for the finish with D Pascoe on his wheel (this is the rider who was not feeling 100%).I later learn’t Doug was three wide by himself going for it this was confirmed by Will although Doug also said Will looked really strong today, this last statement made me think they had hatched a plan. But Pascoe was behind me in the roll thru then went straight off onto the wheel of Doug. Its obvious the David Pascoe would sell his grandmother for a sprint win.
    There was robust discussion over coffee which resulted in me being stabbed with a popstick as I tried to explain that I did not think winning the sprint under these circumstances is in the spirit of cycling.
    I welcome any comments on the above matter.

    A good balanced group apart from one!

  2. Winners are grinners and losers, well, they have the blog 🙂

    My grandmother is already sold, sorry Nev – not sure if she would be your type anyway. Hey no-one reads this, really, do they ?

    I’m on duty at the Toy Library this coming weekend, so Nev – it is all yours.

    As long as I can find spokes strong enough to survive the power I put down I’ll be back over Easter to fight the WWIII sprint, looking forward to it.

  3. sounds like you fellas were having fun in main bunch. i was waiting to read what happened to the young man in your story who was not feeling 100%

  4. Thanks for the photos Mike. I wondered who it was taking them. No need for the photo finish though Mr Fynn was gone.

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