membership for spcc online…at last

after a few aborted attempts, it seems that the online registration for new members has finally been resolved. 

if you want to sign up as a new member, before you do, there are a few things you need to ask yourself as this will determine what type of membership to get.

firstly, do you want to race???  if yes then you will need a racing licence.  if no then what i would recommend is that you get a ride senior licence.  this will offer you a bit of protection in the form of public liability insurance and some personal accident insurance.  see here for more details.  the cost for a ride licence is only $57 plus the club fee so a bit of piece of mind for a dollar a week.

so you want to race, well which licence to get.  this is kind of determined by your age.  see the chart here to determine you category.  now the tricky thing is that even though there is a masters 1 category (30-34), there are no real events for these riders and generally they are thrown in with the open field at state races.  now don’t let this worry you as it only applies to state and national races.  all other races are generally graded and you can go in b or c or whatever.  if you are not looking at competing at any state level races, then just go for the masters 1 licence as this is the cheaper option.

so you have worked out your type of licence and which category you are in so now go here and start filling in your details.

i was shown another category today and that is a KIDZ membership.  this is generally aimed at primary school kids and is a recreational licence within the junior category.  i might get one for ben, just so he has his first licence as a member of spr.  for $5 it is a bargain.

if you want to renew your membership for this year and need to change the club to spcc, then you have to send joanne at cycling australia an email to request it.  she will then change it on the system and you can just renew as normal here.  this also applies to a change in type of membership i.e. from a ride licence last year to a full racing or masters licence this year.

look we are an affiliated club
look we are an affiliated club

4 thoughts on “membership for spcc online…at last”

  1. What do we do for renewal? Do we fill all the details again or can we contact cycling WA to transfer to south perth CC ?

  2. Re: the Willis insurance cover and particularly for ‘non-racers’ like myself – it appears that:
    The Insurance brochure clarifies (under the “Introduction”) a condition that for the ‘activity’ to be covered by the insurance, it must be sanctioned by CA (Cycling Australia).
    Has or does CA ‘sanctioned’ SPR’s Sat/Sun/ Public Holiday or other organised rides? If not, then presumably its unlikely that riders would be covered by insurance on these rides. In which case (for non-competitors)there would be no insurance benefit to getting a ‘ride senior licence’.
    There are other 3rd party personal & property indemnity insurances available (eg: Cyclo Sportif and some household policies) which covers me for any time I am riding. Whilst they do not cover the cyclists own medical/ loss of income / bike damage etc costs – they would at least pay for the new Mercedes that gets written off by the speeding Cervelo.
    Appreciate any feedback/clarification etc.

  3. Mark S, the ride senior licence will cover you for any training rides whether they be through a club or coffee shop. CA doesn’t have to sanction the training rides and they are club rides by the virtue that they are posted on the club website.
    as far as the cyclo-sportif insurance, it is not much different to the cycling australia one and cost pretty much the same, so i am not sure why they changed. also, you cannot upgrade to a full racing licence without having to buy a complete one (if you want to upgrade from a ride licence you just pay the difference).
    at the end of the day, riders are covered if they take out some form of licence through cycling australia. also, by becoming a member, you are supporting the club and helping it grow.


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