ride routes 20th & 21st june (spr breakfast)

well after months of unseasonally warm weather, it looks like it will be a wet and windy one for the winter breakfast.  for those of you fairly new to the spr group rides, every three months we have a social gathering in the form of a breakfast after the ride.  the ride itself is usually a bit shorter to allow for the fact that we will be taking it easy plus it allows more time for socialisation.  the main and fast group will not split as there will be regroup points along the way to make sure everyone gets to the breakfast which will be at my place in como.  the novice group will do their standard ride, but i would suggest that you skip the applecross section so that you are back to the breakfast in time.  i will explain to you how to get there on the day.

as usual, lorraine will be catering so for $10 a head you will get coffee, hot chocolate and all manner of gastronomic delights including the famous spr brownies.  there will also be raffle prizes and there have been some very generous sponsors this time around to provide many a great prize.  we will also finish up with the standard bike weigh-in so you can get you bike weight added to the leaderboard.

there will be one formal part to the day where we need to have a quick general meeting to pass a resolution on changing a couple of bits of the constitution.  this should be fairly quick and we will explain a bit more on the day.

hopefully by now you have sent an rsvp through to lisa (see previous post here) so we can finalise the catering.  i hope to see you there.

south perth rouleurs saturday breakfast ride

south perth rouleurs saturday novice ride

the sunday ride will do a loop around mundaring weir but also manage to take in welshpool and kalamunda rd.  only 4 climbs but just over 100kms by the time you get home.  at least the rain keeps the really, really cold mornings away.

south perth rouleurs sunday ride 12 (welshpool & mundaring & kalamunda)

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  1. And yes it will be wet, so dont wear a blouse and stay in bed, don a raincoat and play in the rain followed by a yummy breaky :)to make up for being wet 🙂

  2. Don’t worry guys… President Pete will have the dryer ready for all those soggy SPR socks!!!

    Hmmm… nice and warm and dry in the kitchen 😉

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