SPR Breakfast and AGM

this is to give notice of two events that are coming up on march 20th.

the first spr breakfast for 2010 will be held at the presidential residence directly after the saturday morning ride.  due to lorriane’s high training workload, this breakfast will be catered for by kate.  she has requested a bit of help from anyone that is willing to offer up their morning (or their partner’s morning).  the usual food, coffee, hot chocolate will be on offer as well as raffle prizes and a bike weigh-in.  we will post a reminder closer to the date to get some rsvp’s for final catering numbers.

after the breakfast, or probably just blending straight in, we will have the club AGM.  This will be open for any financial club member to attend and ALL committee positions will be up for re-election.  i will post some further details about the positions a bit later, but if you want to be actively involved in the running of the club, let me know.

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  1. Hi,
    Ill be their, and if you’re still requiring help for morning my wife, Leanne is able to help out. Just let me know the time and addy.



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