Advanced Group Ride Report – 21/03/10

Report by Reg Julian

A much smaller group today for the ride up into the hills, with about 20 of us gathered in the car park. The routes were set and we were off at an easy pace into a pretty strong easterly. The turns were short on the front today, due to the wind and the most important job of the leaders was not to shield everyone else from the wind but to notify others behind of all the glass in the road. How we managed to get passed the airport without a puncture was beyond me.

After cutting through past Rosehill golf course Heiko answered a call of nature and the rest of us keep going. He said he would catch up. However, as the last of the group crossed the railway line, on went the bells and down came the gates. Knowing how long the Sunday morning train usually is, I let the group go and went back to help Heiko get back to the group. We then rode together into the wind doing 20-30 sec turns in front and sitting on about 35 km/hr. By the time we hit Ridgehill Road the group was still nowhere to be seen but there was a re-group at the bottom of the zig-zag. This enabled us to catch our breath and I was able to send the transition group up the zig-zag and delineate the split between the intermediate (going up Kalamunda Rd) and advanced (going up Gooseberry Hill Rd) rides. I thought the instructions were clear but a few riders managed to go the wrong way, but were soon sorted out.

By the time we reached Gooseberry Hill Rd I as beginning to regret the chase with Heiko and also the extra glass of red at my 19th wedding anniversary dinner the night before. Up ahead the leaders were getting further away and I decided to hang on and just try and get up the top in one piece. I couldn’t see positions in front but at the top the points were split as follows:

KOM 1. 1. Mike B, 2. Stu, 3. Jonny, 4. Brodie 5. Jarrad

Back down the zig-zag and pretty soon we were on Kalamunda Rd going up again. This time I was really suffering and barely struggled to get above 11 km/hr. Again, I’ve no idea of how it panned out in front, apart from the final points and feel free to elaborate or embellish the story in the comments.

KOM 2. 1. Mike B, 2. Stu, 3. Brodie, 4. Heiko 5. Jonny

We regrouped at the bus stop and Brett and Carl took an early coffee. I was ready to join them, but after a banana, a bit to drink, sitting in the shade and some encouraging words from Jarrad and Heiko, I was ready to go (in hindsight I can thank them very much). Meanwhile, the sexiest man in the club, Brodie, was working on his tan in the sun.

We went on in single file through Kalamunda and Lesmurdie and the pace picked up towards Pickering Brook. With every km I was starting to feel a bit better and by the time we turned into Glenisla Road (parting with Stu who decided to go straight ahead) I was actually looking forward to another climb. A few of us had noted the wind direction and commented that a fast time on the final climb could be on the cards. Brodie and Heiko decided they would go for it and I would also try and hang on for the ride. The descent into Bickley Valley was a bit tricky with the cross winds but everyone got through safely and as we hit Mundaring Weir Rd everything was all systems go.

Brodie got us all off to a good start and kept the pace up for the first section, with Jarrad and Heiko lending a hand. We weren’t helped by a couple of yobbo P-plate drivers who decided to get a bit close when overtaking. Just after the house with the big wall, Mike B, who started a bit behind pushed ahead and I followed into second place. It was about here the group split up and Mike, Brodie and myself were out by ourselves by the time we reached to flatter part. I went to the front and maintained a 39 km/h pace until the final rise. Looking at the clock It was going to be pretty quick so I put the foot down for the last rise but was overtaken by Mike and Brodie at the end. Behind us, Heiko and Jarrad claimed the rest of the points.

KOM 3. 1. Mike B, 2. Brodie, 3. Julian, 4. Heiko 5. Jarrad

Now for the important bit. Brodie and I stopped the clock at 7.24 – both PBs and in the upper echelons of the SPR hill climb times. Mike B managed 4 seconds quicker with a time of 7.20 and thus can now lay claim to the quickest SPR rider on the climb (Ryan I’m sure you’ll be out next weekend!). Certainly the conditions were favourable but it was great time nonetheless. I didn’t get to hear if any other PBs were set. If so, please e-mail me the details so the table can be updated.

Heiko David and I had other arrangements so we left before coffee. The wind was really picking up on Welshpool Rd and was right at our backs so we really pushed it down the hill. Heiko managed 91.6 km/h and I pipped him with 92.4 km/h. Dave had a rather sedate 88 km/h! We were joined by Dale for the trip home and sat on 45+ km/h for most of the way. We split on Berwick St and I headed off home feeling much better than when the ride started.

3 thoughts on “Advanced Group Ride Report – 21/03/10”

  1. Well done on the quick times up MWR.
    My 7:34 for the morning was rather sloven (is that a word, or is my english just plain bad?)in comparison, but well earned

  2. I am not so sure I will be making an appearance in the hills anytime soon.. Much too much like hard work 😉

    Mike deserves to be on top as he is the real King of the Mountain.. I am just a wheel sucker who pips folks on the line… Although it sounds like there was a pretty mean train going on Sunday, would have been a good one to hitch a ride on.. 😉

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