spr kit – the new jersey

note: daniels zipper induced beer gut

i have received a few complaints about the new full length zip in the jersey.  it seems that a few people find that the bigger zip does not give as much and will buckle when it bunches up, especially when you are leaning forward.  the bigger zip is so that the jersey can easily be done up while riding as the thinner version on the normal jersey makes it hard to perform a one-handed operation.  i think that this issue will mostly be those people that find their jersey a bit loose so the material has somewhere to go.  mine does this a bit but not as bad as daniel’s in the picture.

if you do have this issue, send me an email so i can get a feeling for the size of the problem before i contact cannibal.  don’t wear your jersey too much in the meantime.

any other issues please also let me know.

if the size of any of the items you ordered is a bit wrong (too big or small) then add your contact details to the comments below and what garment you have and what you are looking for.  hopefully we can get a few swaps happening.

the rest of the kit should be here this week so we will do another distribution at the coffee shop on saturday after the ride.

15 thoughts on “spr kit – the new jersey”

  1. I would love to swap my L jacket and jersey for a M jacket or jersey. You can get me on 0404 545 729.

  2. Yeah, the fit feels a bit weird. I have a zipper induced beer gut, but I’m as toight as tiger around the shoulders and then the collar is looser than….no, won’t say that one!

    p.s. Love how you managed to get the cervelo into the pic 🙂

  3. Haha I took the pic on the phone-camera but didn’t mean to get the bike in there or maybe i did 😉

    Dan’s jersey pictured is a medium, it fits well around the sholders and arms but you would think the belly region is L given the zipper problem. Previously borrowed SPR jerseys in this size have been great.

  4. I too have a “Priapic jersey problem” (kind of sounds like an issue with Spam email originating from east coast USA), which is the source of much humiliation around the ladies, even more so amongst the fellas (well, not really, actually, not at all).

    To be honest i haven’t really seen a full zip jersey without the “Cialis of the zipper” issue, although the new SPR jersey does seem to be pretty ‘pronounced’. If there is a solution, i’d be interested, but i could live with it.

  5. If anyone is unhappy with their new jersey (full zip) in a size large, I’m happy to buy it off you. I’ve just joined SPR after a few years away from cycling and I missed the recent order 🙂

  6. Jarrad, you sound like a urologist!
    The full zip jersey is not really meant to be zipped up, please refer to the eurocyclist code of conduct and the obligatory gold chain

  7. It’s the design of the jersey. The Italians design full-zippered jerseys best, so you don’t get the beer gut-look when in drop-mode. I only now wear Italian designed full-zippered jerseys – I’ve got a couple of OZ-designed ones I don’t wear just for this reason – aerodynamically (and most importantly, aesthetically) inferior.
    Jerard can probably back me up on this as he only wears Italian stuff – heavy 24K gold chain included

  8. I think that the zip is too heavy duty for a jersey. Cannibal also used this zip on the wind vest and it makes the collar stand up to the extent that the wearer can give a good impersonation of a mutant ninja turtle(the diameter at the neck on the large wind vest adds to the look as it is 19 and a half inches – great for 130 kilo rugby players wanting to cross train). The sleeveless jersey from the latest order uses the normal size zip and does not create the same problems as seen with the sleeved jersey. I have swapped a large jersey for a medium which is reasonably tight but the problem of zip bulging is still there. Prepared to wear the jersey but I think Cannibal should be advised of the feedback as a minimum. Group rides may give others the impression that members do a pub crawl rather than a coffee ride 🙂

  9. Surely if you put lots of things in the rear pockets eg: a bunch of bananas, 4 spare tubes, a box of gels, and a bunch of flowers (for appeasement of ‘ground control’ since one is always back later than one had previously agreed), then that lot should tighten up the front and look good when seen from the saddle . . . . Whilst you may look like Quasimodo from behind, but hey who cares you can’t see that, unless of course you’re riding past a shop window and sneak a quick reference check on the reflection . . . . but don’t be scared, just convince yourself that that freakish image on a bike just like yours, isn’t you but the person riding behind – which is clearly another reason for never riding at the back of the pack!

  10. If anyone is unhappy with their new full zip jersey (Size Large) and wants to sell let me know. I’m new to SPR and missed the order & wear full zip jersey’s so am across the bulging issue some cuts have. You can contact me on 0412 66 33 55.

  11. If anyone has an XL jersey that they want to swap for an L, let me know.. i must have a dodgy tape measure or something (excuses) but the ‘loose-fit’ sleeves arent quite as loose as I was hoping they’d be.. =]

  12. Steve J, what’s wrong with mutant ninja turtles? Friend of non-longer-teenaged Michaelangelo, Leornardo & Donatello.

  13. Nothing wrong with “teenage” mutant ninja turtles. Just when you get to my age and acquire neck wattles its a bit too close to home …. not a good look!

  14. Well on the first round of SPR jerseys they bulge was across the chest region…… very convenient if you ask me!! 😉

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