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as most of you are aware, there was an accident on the public holiday ride today.  i wasn’t on the ride but from what i have heard, it seems that there was a tyre blow out during the final sprint past the brewery.  quite a few riders went down, but nicole was the worst hit and had to wait for an ambulance to come and pick her up.  from what i understand, there was some dental and facial damage and so she was taken to charlie gardiners to be treated.

thankfully, there is no spinal damage to be reported and the wrists, though swollen and sore, don’t appear to be broken.  she was seeing a specialist this afternoon and is expected to be in for 24 hours at a minimum.  as usual, there was a bit of bike damage and her helmet protected her well by taking quite a blow.

from the numerous phone calls i received throughout the day it is clear that the group rallied together well and swiftly went into action.  this involved everything from closing the road and calling an ambulance to getting the broken bikes and riders home afterwards.  special thanks must be made to josh who calmly took control of the situation and andrew who was first to treat nicole.  not actually being there, i didn’t get to see who else was there to give assistance but you know who you are and i am sure those involved in the accident appreciated your help.

this is the first time in the 5+ years that i have been riding with the group that we have actually had to call an ambulance.  i hope it is the last.  however, the way that the group reacts to a situation like this shows how much support we have within the club.  i would like to thank everyone for doing what they could.

to help out as much as we can, we are going to do a “whip around” to at least get nicole a new helmet.  we will be passing the hat around at the coffeeshop this saturday, but if you want to do it a little more anonymously you can netbank some dollars across to our club bank account.

  • bsb – 036011
  • acc – 419688
  • make sure you put “nicole donation” in the reference box so we know what it is for.

thanks again to everyone that rendered assistance today and i wish nicole and the others a speedy recovery.

peter – president south perth cycle club.

UPDATE – add any well wishes for nicole to the comments section.  also, if you were involved in the accident and wish to thank someone that helped you, add to the comments.

nicole had surgery last night and is recovering in sir charles gardiner hospital.  at this time she is not taking visitors as she is still very bruised and battered.  i will post any further updates to the comments below.

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  1. Sh!t, sounds bad. We turned off just before mounts bay rd so missed the accident.

    Nicole – I hope you are OK!
    Wishing you (and others involved) a speedy recovery and hope to see you back on the carbon horse shortly. Take care.

  2. Hi Nicole, sounds like a nasty spill. hoping you heal fast and can get back riding soon. i have some spare bike parts that i don’t really need. i’ll let pete know and maybe we can end up with something you can ride! take care, John

  3. Cripes!! Wishing you a speedy recovery Nicole. This is quite eerie. I had my bike and gear out for that public holiday ride but when I pumped my rear tyre up, I just happened to notice a bit of tube buldging out of a small gash in the tyre (and I normally pump my tyres up once a week on Saturday). I couldn’t be bothered changing the tyre, thought it was probably an omen and went back to bed.

  4. Nicole, that’s absolutely terrible. Hope you feel better soon so you can get back out with us asap. I would have been riding too, no doubt, (I love me bank holiday spr ride .. tiz one of me favourites) – but I was riding god knows how many kms back from Merredin on Monday! I thought it was a stupid thing to do at the time – but now I’m not so sure! Please heal up super quickly, hun.

  5. ouch! hope everything heals real soon. I turned left at Stirling hw just before Dalkeith as I was knacked so missed the chance to help (or…be helped). All the best for you Nicole.

  6. Hey Nicole, Tanya’s and my love and best for a quick recovery. There for you and the guy as you need.


  7. Hey there Nicole,

    Sorry to hear about your fall. We send our love and healing super vibes for a speedy recovery.

    Kimbo and the Thomson’s x

  8. Hi Nicole, Hope you have a speedy recovery. Rest up, we’ll all be there for you when you’re ready.

  9. Hi Nicole

    Very sorry to hear about you taking a nasty spill… Good to hear you are on the mend now, I hope the spill does not keep you from getting back on the bike…

    I hope you get spoilt whilst unwell as being spoilt definately will help you heal faster 😉


  10. Hi Nicole

    I would like to say thanks to everyone who helped with the accident,
    we are a very tight knit bunch everyone done there bit and was there for Nicole..
    Hope you have a speedy recovery Nicole take care 🙂


  11. Hope you’re feeling better Nicole. We miss you already!

    Thinking also of Jarrad, Julian and Paul O – tough for everyone in their own way.

    Huge thumbs up for Josh too – extraordinary effort after the accident.

  12. Ooops, I didn’t read that bit about the “no visitors” and as a result, I ducked up from the department and had a 10 minute visit today. She seemed in good spirits and has a room with a lovely view overlooking UWA, the river and Dalkeith. She even pointed out some flowers from someone at SPR which were nice. She’s staying an extra night and then expecting to be heading home on Wednesday. Hope you get better soon Nicole! And everyone else with any injuries.

  13. Hi Nicole,
    We are thinking of you and really hope that you get better quickly.
    Davina & Meg.

  14. Nicole,
    Sorry to hear about your terrible crash. Hope you have a speedy recovery and get well soon.
    Matt, Jacque and the kids

  15. Hey Nic, As I have already said, rest up, takecare and heal fast. The club will await your return to the trusty stead and we hope its a quick one. Lisa 😉

  16. Nicole – that was a really hard fall – and you had to endure way to much in the aftermath – I hope you heal quick and come back twice as strong. take care…

  17. Hi guys thank you all very much for the well wishes and the beautiful flowers. Am pretty sore at the moment and not much to do but be patient and wait for things to heal. Thanks to everyone that was there too for helping on the scene, Julian, Josh and of course Paul who hasn’t left me since. Hope everyone else is okay, Jarrad too. Will enjoy the pumpkin soup from Lorraine and be sleeping lots for a while. Sorry for any half texts or no replies have been pretty out of it lately hope to see some of you soon, Nicole

  18. Nicole, Great to hear your recovery is progressing. You continue to be in our families thoughts and prayers 🙂

  19. Welcome back to the blog Nic. Typing has to be the first step on the road to recovery! See you soon.

    PS – hope this at least gets you out of all that report writing you were doing 🙂

  20. Good to hear your up and about Nicole. Take it easy and recovery will come, you’ve got heaps of support from all of us.

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