SPR BREKKIE – Saturday 19th June


Why go to Macca’s and eat their McMuffins when you can have your own special SPR one!

As per usual the breakfast will be held immediately after the ride and will be full of yummy delights, if your not planning on riding you are still more than welcome to come along….

The cost also covers tickets to the raffle where there will be some prizes up for grabs.

 Only $10 a head to be paid on the day EVERYONE WELCOME! Please RSVP by 16/06/2010 either by posting a comment or emailing me to me so that we can have approximate numbers for catering. 


Pete is opening his house up for our festivities with Kate and Lorraine as the master chef’s.  if you’re not planning on riding with the group I can email you the address.

Kate and Lorriane would love some help to serve up the breakfast so please if you or someone you know is available and would be so kind as to offer 2-3 people would be fantastic – please let me know.

See you there… Lisa