spr winter breakfast

report by peter.

a good attendance at today’s breakfast and we had around 60 come through the doors.  a lot more manageable that the 80-90 we had last time and i put that down to the wet weather we had leading up to the event.  much unlike the usual breakfasts, it didn’t actually rain during the ride.  the roads were a bit damp, but the spirits were not.

main 1 were by far the biggest group today and after that group and the fast group departed, there was less than half the originals starters remaining.  still enough for 5 groups though, and i am glad that this trend has continued through into winter.  the change in routes today meant that every group would eventually make it to my place instead of the coffee shop.  i was hoping that people read the maps properly as i had informed the coffeeshop that we weren’t coming this week.

after kicking everybody off, i headed home to help set up the place ready for the onslaught.  kate and lorraine had the kitchen under control and they had the help of daniel, darryl and toby (all very good around the house apparently).  bacon and egg muffins, banana bread, quiche, brownies, mini muffins and fruit salad with yoghurt’s were all part of the spread.  with toby manning the front door, the hordes began to arrive with the transitional and main 1 arriving together.  we started stacking the bikes in the garage and space was soon at a premium.  the fast group and main 2 arrived next and the garage was almost chockers.  a few minutes later the development group rounded things out to get about 60 bike in the shed. 

a good breakfast all round, and i apologise again for not organising the raffle prizes early enough.  however, the social aspect to the day is what most people come for and that was well catered for.  it was a first breakfast for some and i hope that you enjoyed it as we like to show that our group is more than just riding bikes.  it was good to see nicole up and about after her accident and others like jarrad and julian who also came down, back in the fold.

again a big thanks to kate and lorraine for providing the food and daniel, darryl and toby for providing support.  hope you all had a good morning.

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  1. Good ride and good breakfast. Thanks to the kitchen staff (u boys looked like u had found your calling) & Pete for again opening up his house (Well thanks Kate for letting him).
    Was a great turnout and fun had by all.

  2. hope everyone had a great breakfast!! next time I will be sure to show off the pearly whites 😉

  3. A BIG thank you to Kate and Loranine for the breakfast as I understand the organising and effort that goes into opening up your home as you have done whilst looking after children. Marathon effort kate.
    Sorry we had to leave early, but my wonderful enthususiastic husban thought it would a good idea to do a reverse lap around the river before we picked up our munchkins (kids)!! Had to come home and have a nanna nap!!

  4. Thank you to Peter and Kate for again opening there home and have it taken over by Lycra freaks. (I am guessing Kate is used to this though by now).

    Looking forward to the next one already.

  5. Great effort by all involved to again organise a successful breakfast. I’m looking forward to the September one already!

  6. Thanks all another great morning. For those who weighed bikes I will update the blog soon. If you would like a picture of you and your bike preferably in SPR kit to go with it please email: jonnykeyes@gmail.com

  7. Oops, very rude of me..

    Thank you very much to the Kitchen boys and also to the ladies for doing such a great job (once again :-))… I did miss Ben pulling out Nummmer Four though….

    Thanks Pete and Kate for opening up your home to smelly cyclists again.. At least we were only a little wet (mainly from sweat and a little from the damp roads)…

  8. I’ve corrected it now Ryan and unless I get any more complaints about the photo scarring young children I will leave it up.
    Updates from Saturday should now be visible. No change to the leaders but Daniel b and Sato were able to jump up a few places with various upgrades.
    Pete must be getting his own back on son Ben for the last couple of years of carrying him. His tiny Giant weighed in at a whopping 8.78kg

  9. You looked fab in the kitchen, Dag-man. A pink frilly apron would have worked wonders for your complexion. We’ll have to get you kitted out properly for the next one. Magnificant spread as always – cheers lots.

  10. Thanks Jonnie…

    I think Kimbo’s shot is the best, although, he should have been in SPR kit.. Tut…

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