SPR Saturday Main 2 ride report (sort of)

This is only a part report because I only got around half way before retiring. The ride started well with the group heading out from Coode St and down mill point road. I was sitting along side Shaw down great eastern hwy and over Garret road. Group was rolling along nicely and on Grand Prom Shaw and I lead the group for most of the length of the road. Things chopped and changed a little along past the tv stations.

Along Ravenswood drive a roll through started. This seemed to go well until I had a coming together with the riders wheel in front.

I don’t want to repeat what i have already written so please find details for the rest of today events on my own blog.




4 thoughts on “SPR Saturday Main 2 ride report (sort of)”

  1. Sorry to hear about the crash, Nathan. Those photos certainly look painful, but you seem to be handling it really well (thinking about the rides you are missing already).
    Hitting the floor is the worst part of our sport, but it does happen to everyone at some time or other. It is a rites of passage, so now you can call yourself a real rider.
    Keep up with the Fixamull and hopefully we’ll see you back riding dressed like Cadel in a grand tour real soon.

  2. Oooooo. Just think, now you have a reason to put a TylerNol…he he he (refer to TdF definitions)….Sad to see someone went down. Thoughts are with you and hope you are mended and well in no time.

    I was going to be in that pack, but I stayed in bed instead. Glad that you were riding with us (SPR) when it happened as everyone will make sure that you are OK. Yes that is one of the best things about riding with SPR.

    Well done to all that rendered assistance. I can only hope that you are around if/when I hit the tarmac.

  3. Cheers guys. I’ll mend. I’ve had a closer look at the bike this arvo and it seems to got away with it lightly. Front wheel is buggered. Will need to get the bike checked by someone who knows better than me and start making some choices on the new ride and ordering the parts for the new bike.

    The sucky part is selling this bike just got harder

  4. Sorry to hear about your rapid dismount Nathan. My first crash was also a ‘wheel tap’. Funny how time slows down as you fight to correct the front wheel from doing its own thing…the grim acceptance as you know it ain’t gonna recover and the road gets ready to smack you hard on the butt! Somehow I think I prefer the ‘stunned mullet’ crash myself – no warning and no chance of correction….just on your arse and no idea how you got there!

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