SPR Christmas Breakfast – 4th December

Well, after somewhat of a long break it is time to hold another memorable SPR brekky!!!

The Christmas brekky is a special occasion where we can celebrate the year gone by, remember all the great

times that SPR has had this

year and give thanks to all people who have made our club as special as it is.


Firstly I have to say that this is only possible because of Kate and Pete’s generosity in opening their home up to all of us…. AGAIN!!!  I continue to be amazed that Kate is still

willing to let us all troop through her house gently stomping brownie crumbs in our wake!

As I have said before, organising an SPR brekky is no mean feat. We have a BIG club now and the time and commitment needed to get this done has to be a team effort. We MUST have volunteers to help otherwise it will not happen. If enough people don’t volunteer then we may have to consider nominating helpers. I have yet to ever ride on the day of a breakfast… missing just one so that we all have a great time is not a lot to ask.

Please RSVP to the comments to give us an idea of numbers for catering. It will be $10 members (and member partners) and $15 non-members to be paid on the day.

There will some exciting door prizes that El Prez has got lined up for us as well as a few Christmas surprises!

Volunteers please let us know by e-mail or in the comments

Cheers Loz 🙂

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  1. I’m only new to the club but I’d love to come along for breakfast. My mate Amanda is going to come to but I think she’ll leave a comment too.



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