3 month free trial on strava.com

A bunch of SPR riders have been using a website called strava.com recently to map our rides (see the club summary page). Strava has the functionality of something like Garmin Connect, but it also allows you to compare your rides against other cyclists you know (and everyone else). You can also create “segments” where you can find out the virtual KOM for a particular stretch, even if you’ve ridden it on a different day.

Not only does strava allow you to compete against friends and club members but it also means you can compete against yourself. It tracks every time you’ve done a segment, say Mosman Hill to the Water Tower, and ranks each ride you do. So, no more “I’m just taking this one easy today” because you’re competing against your own best times.

If you haven’t signed up already, get a code and enter it when you create the account. If you have already signed up for the free account, you can just enter the code, and you’ll have full access for three months. If you’ve already paid up, then these codes won’t work for you. Sorry.

How do I get the code?

Email me! Simple. jordan@brock.id.au

Disclaimer: Strava contacted me because I’ve been a member for almost a year and logging a bunch of rides. In addition to all the gift codes I’m getting to hand out, they’re sending me a jersey and knicks. SCORE!

9 thoughts on “3 month free trial on strava.com”

  1. damn! I want strava kit! Now im pissed off and switching to golden cheeta – suck that strava.

    nah joke – strava is wicked… (read send me free shit too!)

  2. It might be worth adding that you need a Garmin/GPS etc to use this site. Someone from Strava.com doesnt arrive at your door with a stopwatch and clipboard every time you leave the house for a ride!

    1. Got an iPhone? I use the Cyclemeter app to track my rides, and just email the GPX file straight to Strava after I’m done, and that adds the ride, just like magic! (one advantage for me is the lack of HR data, which means no one knows how much I was hurting when I pipped @jordanbrock by 4 seconds at the end of Benara Rd on Saturday.. 😉

    1. hehe, speak to Sato about that. He’s the one with 2 minutes on everyone. Maybe you can stick your garmin in his back pocket on the way up the hill.

      hey, there’s a thought!

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