Cyclo-sportif anyone?

Just an initial post to check the level of interest in the first 2011 BWA cyclo-sportif event at Waroona (voted best Cyclo event of 2010).

Basic information is:
Date: Sunday 3rd April 2011
Location: Waroona Recreation & Aquatic Centre – Hill Street, Waroona. Distances: A – 79 km, B – 50km (approx distances)
Lunch: from 12:00 midday
Presentations: 1:15pm

As you can see from the pics below, SPR has some history at this event. It is a good warm-up ride (not race) for those doing either 3/5 Dams, the UCI race, Busselton Half-Ironman or all of the above.

“It is time” to put all of those summer kilometres on the line and show off the new team jersey and knicks in formation.

Click for the Information Pack

Please add your name to the comments below if you are interested. Indicate which Saturday group you normally ride with and the distance you would like to tackle.

6 thoughts on “Cyclo-sportif anyone?”

  1. this does, however, clash with the final spr/rccc criterium that we are holding at tech park. due to many clashes, the 3rd april was the only date available for us to hold the event. crits are not for everyone though, so at least there is an option for those that prefer a cyclo.

  2. i was about to say myself then Peter came with a better offer. Im sure between the massive group we have on sat there will be alot of SPR riders at both events 🙂

  3. I’m interested in doing the 50k and ride w the T folks. Is it still ok for me to put my hand up? Is there a C distance?

    How hilly is the Waroona route? (Not that it matters as i’m dealing w Nettleton & Del park roads on a 250k ride next weekend..)

  4. CC, there is no C distance at Waroona and there are some reasonable hills involved (think riding in the Darling Ranges sort of climbing). The profile and distances are in the information pack pdf (link supplied above).

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