The Devil’s Corner

The UCI, in all the wisdom have approved the Kings Park course for the upcoming UCI World Tour race.  I doubt however, that they road over The Devil’s Corner!

Otherwise known as the corner of Mounts Bay Road and Spring Street, the Devil’s Corner has earned it’s name for two reasons.

Firstly, and this is no surprise to those whom have dragged themselves over it, the Devil’s Corner is the beginning of the Spring Street climb.  Arguably the toughest part of the course with an average gradient of 16% you may actually catch a glimpse of the Devil’s pitchfork on the ascent.

Secondly, the Devil’s veracious appetite for tyre is often satisfied on this corner.  The rough surface is strewn with potholes, drains and the occasional broken bottle ensure a puncture is awaiting all those who go into the Devil’s Corner without care and attention.

Remember, the greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing man he didn’t exist – but he is waiting for you down there – corner with care.

6 thoughts on “The Devil’s Corner”

  1. Thanks Toby. Maybe the local knowledge will mean that we can have spare wheels here ready to go, along with those spectators that help by pushing you up the hills.

    It might also take out some unsuspecting competitors (but not in an accident sort of way, just a flat)

    You never know, maybe Perth Council will do some work to fix it up before the race…not holding my breath though.

  2. I had 2 flats and a failed co2 canister before even getting to the corner, had to borrow a pump off random lady on a MTB just to get home.

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