kit size issues

now this post is not for issues about the fit of the men’s jerseys around the shoulders.  that matter is being looked into and we hope to have resolution soon.

this post is for those that have ordered the wrong size of anything and are looking to swap.

add to the comments below what you have and what you require as well as some contact details.  hopefully we have enough kit floating around that most people can get their sizes sorted out.

14 thoughts on “kit size issues”

  1. Shaw,
    I’ll take a pair of the Large Mens Bib Nix thanks.
    I have left a message on your phone.
    Can bring in cash for pickup tomorrow morn if that suits.
    GregB, (I have been riding sat and sun in a blue Kalamuda jersy)
    Work 9205 2424 (leave a message if i’m not at my desk)
    from 5.30 tonight Home 9291-8113 (0408-291-811)

  2. aaron, i think you are going to be a size “small” at best.
    no point in getting kit if it is way too big.
    we may have a spare one for you, just trying to get the fit sorted out with cannibal first.

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