ride routes 19th & 20th mar

another week of +30 deg.  please autumn, show yourself.  although the mornings are pleasant now, the middle of the day still feels like summer.  milan-san remo is on this weekend too, so if europe are into the spring classics, where are our autumn classics.

kit distribution – about 2/3 of the kit was distributed at the agm last week, but this means that we still have a bit to get rid of.  we will be bringing it to the coffeeshop after the saturday ride if you didn’t collect it yet.  i also work in the city, so if you are nearby, i can take it into the office.  there can be pick-up by appointment at home, but i would like to avoid it if possible.

kit size swaps – some of you may have found that certain items of your new kit do not fit properly.  i will put a post up tonight and you can add comments and details if you want to try to swap with someone else.  we will run with this until the forum is set up properly.

men’s jersey fit – the men’s jersey does not seem to be the same fit as the previous jersey and there has been a few grumblings about the excess material around the shoulders.  i have already spoken to cannibal and they are saying that it should be the same fit as the previous jersey.  i have returned three new jerseys and one of my old ones so that they can take measurements off them and work out what went wrong.  they may need to be returned and restitched, but we are not sure yet.  don’t let that deter you from wearing it as i have already been wearing mine for a week.  the short-term fix for the excess material is to fold the collar under and wear it as a v-neck.

freeway bikehike – this event is on this sunday and there is a race that leaves just before the main pack.  we have a number of people in both events so just try to stay as safe as possible.  the massive drafts that are created in these packs means that any punter can suddenly keep up and the lack of corners means that many unskilled riders are not shelled early and have been known to bring people down.  stay alert and if you feel unsafe, get out of the pack.

upcoming events – state crit champs to be run by rccc & spr on 27th mar followed by the final in the crit series on the 3rd april.  both events to be held on the tech park circuit.

ride routes – not much to say.  turn up.  ride.

saturday 19th march

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

early lap – spr earlybird ride

all rides start at coode st carpark at 7:00am

development group – spr saturday 35.48km (novice shelley)

transitional 1 – spr saturday 39.04km (benara rd)

fast, main 1, 2 & 3 – spr saturday 50.47km (south st)

sunday 20th march

ride starts under the narrows (cityside) at 5:30am

early lap – spr earlybird ride

all rides start at coode st carpark at 7:00am

short – spr sunday 70.93km (kahuna)

long – spr sunday 87.72km (kahuna & peet & patterson)


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  1. You may have heard that there was an accident in MAIN 3 this morning. It was me and I am OK. Just some really good skin abrasions down the left side. Rear wheel slipped out on a corner that had a patch of water. Thanks to everyone on the group that assisted me with First Aid. Oh, first week with the new SPR kit and I have holes in the knicks.

  2. Peter, need to pick up kit I have ordered. Easy to pick up from you at work if you let me know where and when. (0439096088)


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