Ronde van Vlaanderen

as most of you diehard fans will know, the tour of flanders is on this weekend.  sbs has a live telecast of the event if you want to stay up till the wee hours of monday morning.  last years race was an absolute pearler with fabian and tommeke breaking away from the pack before fabian engaged his motor to power away to take the victory.

here is a youtube link to last years highlights.

what you probably don’t know is that there is an elite women’s field who race at the same time albeit on a slightly shorter course.  they cover a number of the same climbs as the men and definitely have the same climbs that fabian broke away on.

here is a youtube link to last years women’s highlights.

what very few of you will know is that we have a club member racing in this event on the weekend.  davina summers has signed with a uci women’s team, bizkaia, and will be taking on the cobbled climbs of flanders.  this is an awesome opportunity and we wish her all the best in the race.

if you want to leave some feedback, please add it to the comments as i know she still reads the blog and would appreciate some support from home.

davina in team kit
new team bike

22 thoughts on “Ronde van Vlaanderen”

  1. Have a great ride Davina… I think it is the little English butt that also spends some quality training time in Perth that you have to kick 😉

    Enjoy and good luck…

  2. Davina, this is amazing! Good luck and remember, if you need any last minutes items brought out i am of course happy to make the trip!

  3. I’m fortunate enough to be in London and have booked a train ticket to be in Belgium for the race – good luck Davina I will be there cheering you on!

  4. WoooHoooo. Congrats Davina on just being there. Tell those legs to “Shut Up Legs”. No matter what happens I am sure you will do us proud.

  5. thanks so much for the support, it actually means so much. it was the BEST race ever, so challenging, so technical and the crowds were unreal. to have 8000 people on one climb (the main one with the chapel on top), Muur (which I find out until post race, means wall…) was out of this world. I cannot wait for dinner, hungry-pig-itis everywhere. We race again tomorrow, so will rest my (not so little) leggies to do it all again. If I get time, I will write up the race. I got a photo taken at the end, it is gold, me with dirt and sweat and oh so tired…

  6. Well done Davina, brilliant work, and good luck for tomorrow’s (today’s?) race. Enjoy the beer and frites.

    Oh, and (way) off topic Ryan, agreed Fabian is a machine, but Chavanel was awesome, i’m sorry but no rational argument can be made otherwise.

  7. Yeah yeah yeah, he got a tow for the last 40kms and still did not win..


    Davina, I hope those leggies are feeling strong again today..

  8. Well done Davina you had a great race. I was one of the mad people on top of the Muur, words don’t do the experience any justice, the Belgians are mad! Good luck in the race today.

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