First ride in the rain…where were you?

I always look forward to Friday mornings…a less brutal pace, something a bit different in terms of route, and often +20 riders makes for a great start to the weekend.

….but Stu and I were the only two soldiers to brave the raw and brutal conditions that Mother Nature dealt out this morning. And Stu was one of the 4 from yesterday’s crash as well!

So, while not a ‘large’ contingent for this morning’s sojourn, and aside from the persistent and considerable downpouring of much needed rain, it was actually quite an enjoyable outing. Stu and I both agreed that to get the first ‘wet’ ride (calm down Ryan) out of the way was beneficial and not being cold was an added bonus.

Considering the weather and Stu’s new and healing injuries, we did cut the route short, but a great circuit nonetheless.

See you next time??

9 thoughts on “First ride in the rain…where were you?”

  1. Arrrrrgh, .. now i feel really really gutted that I wasn’t out with you – I pride myself on being a wet weather rider (brilliant fun & usually no wind). But after yesterday’s crash in the dark and hearing the rain battering down at 6am I’ve got a bit anxious of late wondering when it will be my turn to hit the deck. I WILL be there next Fri, don’t care if it’s snowing; – tiz the best ride of the week ;0)

  2. very soggy and regretful. I was up at 4am watching the radar, but decided not to go because it was raining when it was time to leave. Weak? Yes. Surely I’m not the only one that is happy to be rained on while out, but hates heading out into rain to start a ride?

    Regardless, if I did go out at 5am, I’m pretty sure I would have got to work drier than I did after riding in at 8am, swimming along Riverside Drive.. SPD flippers, anyone?

  3. I’m de same – heading out into the rain is wrong but getting caught in it whilst out there – totally acceptable.

  4. I rode in the rain early this morning & loved it! Weeeeeeeee! Ok, it was only 30km and on my own but how could i not go out considering I have the right rain jacket!

    Good thing I have a few pairs of cycling shoes & gloves!


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