Pickering Brook Road Race Series

For those interested in giving a race a go (with a hill in it) check out the flyer for details..

Register online here.
First race next Sunday 19 June, register by this Tuesday 10pm online or on the day for $5 more.

Day licenses available (and also 3 day licenses).
3 series race with points and prize money
5 grades to choose from so anyone can give it a go…



13 thoughts on “Pickering Brook Road Race Series”

  1. Have never raced before but am wanting to give it a go but have a few questions that hopefully someone might be able to answer:

    1. Is there a particular way to go about selecting which grade to enter? The online registration requires that you select a grade to enter

    2. I’m thinking something like D grade to start with – if it turns out to be not the right grade can I move up (or down) a grade at the following race?

    Any other advice would be appreciated.

    1. @tomL, If you choose D for this race, then you can choose any grade you want at the next race(s). However, if you choose A and win it, and then you choose C for the next race, you might attract some raised eye-brows πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Tom, which group do you ride with normally? C is usually a good place to start if you ride main 1.

    You can indeed change grades in following races.

    1. Normally ride fast group and get dropped either when there is a hill (like on the weekend) or when there are strong cross winds (also like on the weekend)

      Once main 1 comes along and picks me up it’s plain sailing…so seems like C grade is where you’d recommend I start?

      However since I’ve never raced was thinking to err more on the side of caution and start in D – thoughts?

      1. Tom
        If it is of any help to you I, am in a similar situation to yourself.
        I ride intermittently with the saturday fast group and get dropped as soon as the going gets tough.
        I have done a couple of C grade races this season and coped without to many problems apart, from my skittish descending.
        Hope you enjoy the experience.

  3. Pickering Brook is an undulating course, Tom, with lots of up and down in each lap. The race distances are only short, however, (almost like a hilly criterium) so C grade could be feasible. If you ride Main 1 comfortably, you would most probably be too strong for D grade; might be better to ride in a stronger peleton for longer as a way of learning more about racing than being in a small breakaway in D.

    If the weather is okay, I’ll have a race, probably in A as B grade is only 45 km, which is shameful for a road race. Will do B if you have to do the TT as well.

  4. I agree with Mike, C grade would be best. You should be able to stay with them easy enough.. Unless there is a large contingent of should be B graders in there. Which there should not be, so you should be fine.. Just hang in there and be careful not to spend all your pennies early on..

    Nick, what is a Spoodle? I hear you like to do solo break aways from the gun then get upset when you get beaten in the sprint? πŸ˜‰

  5. I’ll come and race C grade with you…but only if it IS raining.

    If the weather’s nice I’ll just ride out to the coffee shop. πŸ™‚

  6. The flyer says that registrations are from 7am – how are people getting out there, riding out with the hills ride? Will that leave enough time?

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