spin with fynn – the final session

shirtless ryan no longer on the foreshore

we are holding a wake to celebrate the life and death of “spin with fynn”.  it used to be held on a wednesday evening, and involved spin, very bad jokes, half naked people, a run and sometimes drinks at the windsor hotel.

so, if you have ever been to spin and wish to join us in seeing it off, come to the windsor beer garden this wednesday at 7:30ish.  if you are lucky, ryan may take his shirt off again.

6 thoughts on “spin with fynn – the final session”

  1. Does this mean there’ll be some spare rollers / mags people want to get rid of?

    I’ve just gotten back into cycling in the last few weeks and am ‘feeling’ the days OFF the bike!! I was wondering if anyone had a set lying around needing a good home. Please PM me…

    Many thanks!

  2. Although, truth be told, I have never used mine at home alone.. Ever..
    How do you all do it??

    I know some folk put on something entertaining on the box and sweat away whilst watching it.. I just need a telly outside and something entertaining to put on it now.. Hmm..

  3. Found one for a good price – got it home and started spinning happily that night!! Thanks anyway FF! As for that outdoor TV… laptop?

    I watch recorded mountain stages if I’m keen and follow whatever Lance / Contador / Schleck / Ulrich do on the screen! The ones who climb seated are a bit easier to follow on rollers!

    Good rides people!

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